Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Heaven on Earth!!!

Last weekend I was able to enjoy my two favorite pasttimes...Enjoying the sights and Enjoying the sales. We took our family over to Sunset beach to watch the big waves. The waves have really started to pick up this season and the north shore is alive with surfers, photographers and tourists. George and Henry love spotting the surfers on the waves...and they like looking for a few of my students (that happen to be in the pro-surfing circuit). After we watched the waves I was fortunate to find a "Children's Place" in the Waikele shopping outlet. Unfortunately, they had few boys items. But feeling prompted to keep looking, I perused the racks of sale clothing. While I was shopping mark quickly shot this picture of me. Although there was not much to look at, I was pleased to find one pair of pants that cost .99!!! Can you believe that? It was a miricle! I snatched it up and If you will be in Utah for Christmas, you will have the opportunity to see Henry in his 99 cent pants.


Nikki said...

Awesome! You always find the greatest deals. I wish I could come see cute little Henry in his dollar-duds, but we can't. sniff.

aisyahputrisetiawan said...

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