Friday, September 30, 2005


I, Erin, go yardsaling almost every Saturday. With the Halloween holiday coming up soon, I have been looking for Halloween Costumes. I was excited when I found two Disney costumes from Monster's Inc. Unfortunately, Henry's costume is a Boo's outfit in the movie...she is a girl. But doesn't he look so cute?


Nikki said...

Henry makes a very cute Boo!

Nikki said...

And George looks so cute too! That's great that you got those costumes at a yard sale. I know Monsters Inc. was George's favorite show for a while.

Leslie said...

So cute! You always find the best deals at yard sales - I think you really just sneak into peoples homes when they are tending their sales and find the good stuff inside to snitch!

Johnson Journal said...

George looks hot. I hope he doesn't sweat as much as you do! : )

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