Friday, November 13, 2009

Mark is the Man: PART 2

. . . I found a manila envelope taped to the door with the explicit directions to read the contents therein before I proceeded to walk through the home.  I peeled open the envelope and slipped out a white piece of paper.  It read:

I've hidden a gift
for you to find
somewhere in your home
so fine.
You only get it
if you find it today,
so don't dilly dally
and get on your way.

Now since now you're curious
I will give you some hints.
It won't do hair,
clothes, or stairs.
It will help you through
when you have time to spare.

You may be wondering
why I would do this.
Well I really want to tell you
with one long (Um...I totally am editing out this word, lest you think naughty thoughts)
But since I am at work
and I can't do that,
Just know I missed you
while you were gone from me.
And I wanted to find a special way
to say how important you are for me.

Doing this project
helped me feel closer to you.
As I banged my fingers
and cursed some too.
I want you to know
that with all my heart,
I will love you forever
and never want to be apart.

So quit wasting time
by reading simple rhymes.
Get on it and use your kids
to go get your prize.

Of course I dropped that paper right then and there, and bolted through the house like a kid on Christmas morning (ok, me on Christmas morning...fine.)

I rounded the corner of the dining room.  When I ran into the front room, my chin dropped to the floor.  I found a giant pile of . . .


Leslie said...


Honey and Hotstuff said...


Peggy said...

You're mean. Enough with the suspense already. ;)

A. said...

Dog poop? Not intending to be part of the surprise?


Come on!! You are turning into Nikki with all these parts. :)

tammy said...

So it rhymes with 'that'? Hmmm......He built you a big wooden cat to hang on the livingroom wall?

Mark is an awesome poet BTW.

tammy said...

WAIT!! I just read it through again....why the heck would you edit the word 'kiss'? I swear.....sometimes you are such a prude! Now I give up. What is it?!?

Nikki said...

HAHAHAHA!!!! I totally thought what Amy said. Dog poop. lol

Weight Family said...

Hmmm, the crappy, suspenseful ending of your story kinda reminds me of another crappy,suspenseful ending of a book I read recently...

SO said...


Stacey said...

Erin yuo're horrible! What is books?

JoMamma said...

Was it dog crap? Oh if your dog was in the house the entire time you were gone that would be sick. And how could Mark make a cute rhyme about that??? Oh I'm confused.

Kahilau said...


ninja said...

Dirty Laundry. That's my guess :-)

Melony said...

Ok - you suck, officially. Where's the rest of our story! Hope you at least got your 10,000 words in! :)

Crystal said...

i was honestly thinking dog poop too! lol. what was it?!? i know that wasn't it, but it's the first thing that popped in to my mind.

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