Thursday, October 08, 2009

Slagowski Family : Utah Family Photography

First off, I bought a new lens.  For me, buying a new lens is almost as tempting as buying a new pair of shoes!  And like the saying goes, Cinderella proved that a new pair of shoes can change your life. 
Well today I decided a brand-spanking new lens can also change my photography life!  I had a blast trying out my new 14-24mm 2.8.  (Um, that's code for FREAKING AWESOME LENS...and yes, the all caps once again, illustrates how excited I am.)  Anyways, I shot Mark and Jody and thier darling baby Akira.  They were a little worried because sweet Akira decided she didn't like me very much--or Mark--but whatever.  We had a great time and the candids turned out super!  I hope you like them Mark and Jody. 

Thanks, Erin

Oh la la, this one is my favorite of the shoot.  Those dead trees look soooooo cool. 


Finn Bjarnson said...

Looking good! You are so busy... as well you should be.

JoMamma said...

Are you stalking my family to get closer to me? Hehe
These are great pictures.

I'm Erin said...

Joann, you know it! Since I haven't seen you around, I decided to pick off your family one by one until you CALL me.

Weight Family said...

You find some pretty awesome locations!

Jody said...

You rock Erin! Thanks for doing our pictures and putting up with a fussy baby! ;) He had fun!

onelowerlight said...

The one with the trees is your favorite? I'm surprised. My favorite is the second one, with everyone blowing the dandelions. Very nice.

If you want to see some trees, though, I've got a few pictures.

Julie said...

I love them all. I'm getting so excited for our family photos!

Carterista said...

I agree, Erin!
Those shots are SUPER!
I can hardly wait to have ours done.

Aulia Putri Aprilio said...

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