Sunday, June 08, 2008


Great Posts by the way! Since our Internet connection has not been working at our home recently, you may have noticed that I am only able to update my blog about once a week. Ugh, I know what a drag! Here is the weekly update in one Giant Blog Post. Happy reading and have another great week until I meet with you again.

I loaded my car, double checking to make sure that I had all the days necessities. Camera, check. Lenses, check. Tri-pod, check. Reflector, check. Backup memory cards, check. I zipped up my camera bag, grabbed a water bottle and Mark's left over sunflower seeds, and jumped in my Mormon mommy lovin' mini van. Nearly two hours later I pulled into a small speck of a town, hardly a dot on the Utah map, named Manti.
I was scheduled to take wedding pictures for a young couple who dreamily choose Manti as their marriage destination because of the stunning beauty of the Mormon temple that sits atop the only hill in Manti. I hadn't been down to Manti in years, just under 10 to be precise, and I had forgotten how this architectural giant, crowned with rugged castle like spires and adorned with giant sized doors and cascading staircases could make me feel so small. Breathtaking does not describe this building's beauty.
I took a stroll around the temple grounds and planned my shoot. After the wedding ceremony, I would bring the large wedding party to the grand outdoor staircase on the west side of the temple. Their pictures would look so regal, so royal like.
Apparently 3 other photographers had the same idea. After the ceremony, I gathered the entire group of nearly 35 people and headed to the spot. Another photographer had his bride, groom, and wedding party gathered around for the same purpose. I politely waited and used the 20 minute wait to take other candid photos. The photographer I waited for thanked me for waiting and moved his group to another location.

I quickly ushered my group into place and began shooting. 10 minutes into my shoot I heard a harsh prickly woman's voice, "You are taking too long." I looked around to see who was speaking and saw another group waiting where I had just waited with my group.
"We will be done soon." I called over and turned back to my group.
She started in again, much louder then before, "There are other people waiting, you need to move your group. You are taking too long."
I was shocked, a little speechless, and I couldn't quite figure out what to say, so I ended up mumbling out, "I waited politely for the photographer before me and I have not been here as long as he was. We will be done soon." I turned my back and continued shooting. Yet, the vile woman of perdition continued!
"YOU are taking too long, and it is rude that there are other people her waiting!" Her voice rose like a boiling pot, "and, I HAVE A 90 YEAR OLD MAN WITH ME!"

At this point I wanted to yell back at her, "Cool it lady, I got one of them too (a 90 year old, that is)," but I held my cool, considered that perhaps my 90 year old was only 85, backed down and simply replied in a tight voice, "You will just have to wait." I ended up taking only 2 more shots and moving my group.

To which I conclude this story by ending with the 2 main purposes:

1. If you are a rude photographer and I come across you, I will try to be polite, but since this woman stole all of my politeness for the next year, I might just tell you to SCRAM.

2. If you are 90 years old and are free on the weekend throughout the rest of the summer, give me a call and I will show you are good time!

Small update: I believe most of you received your prizes from last month's contest, if you were a lucky winner who won a vacation package, there has been a slight delay. (The woman who is in possession of the packages bought a new home, and accidentally packed them up) The update is, you will receive it in the near future as she is now close to unpacking all of her belongings. I do apologize for this slight inconvenience.

You all did well, and like any fitness quest, there were obvious ups and downs. I think you were fabulous.

The winner is: Marissa S!

Please stay tuned for the outrageous contest that will take place in NOVEMBER! (If you have requests or suggestions for the November contest, leave them in the comments below).

As of Monday, a week from tomorrow, Monday's fit tips will begin again to tide you through the summer. There will be challenges and quests for you to take and be inspired by to get your hot body through the heat of the summer. Come light up your fit quest by checking out my helpful and sometimes random fit tips every Monday!


Brenda said...

That lady was RUDE! I would have been mortified as the bride. You did well keeping your cool.

I look forward to the fit tips!!!

Susy said...

You know I am a photographer also and I get so tired of people whining I wish you would have laid into the photographer. I realize it was at the temple however that is totally uncalled for and that should have been reason enough to flatten that lady, Oh and I am LDS.

Susy said...

Oh and your work is great.

Robyn said...

I love the Manti temple, that is where I got married! It is so beautiful! As for that lady, good for you for keeping your cool, but do you by chance know who she was? I would love to call her and tell her I was appalled at the way she acted and because of that I will be using someone else for my wedding photos. (Which is true, I did use someone else, but it's fun to make mean people sweat.) What a nag! Look at the bright side, at least you just ran into her randomly, keep in mind she probably has a husband and kids. Poor things. :-P

Shayleen Lunt said...

Did her party have more than 35? Sounds like you could have taken them on! hehe
I would love to see pics! Beings how I lived 10 minutes from Manti for 2 years, I miss that temple!!!

Chris & Jackie Kontoes said...

Oh Erin, I miss you! You are such an entertaining writer. I love it! I just read the Disneyland mishap and I cant handle it....soooo funny. So when do you find out the sex of the baby? I am dying!

love Jacks!

JoMamma said...

Some people are so rude. Way to keep your cool.

BTW. Your yard looks awesome. I miss you.

big8smiley said...

Wow, you handled that lady a lot nicer than I would have! I was reading your story ready to burst at that lady myself. Imagine if you were "her" bride! I'd be so embarassed to be a part of her wedding party. LOL

I'm sure your shots still turned out great despite her gray cloud trying to rain on your parade.

Nikki said...

Wow, what a nut. Must've been a hot day! I remember how hot it was in August nearly 10 years ago when I got married there. But sadly, parts of the temple were under construction and didn't look pretty in photos.

Amy said...

We only get you once a week? Boo!

I'm so non-confrontational that I don't know WHAT I would have done if I had been in your shoes with that lady. However, i DO know that I can be quite a stinker and would have taken MANY more pictures just to spite her. Not very Christ like, huh? :P

Maybe she had a bride that has barked at her all day about stuff and she just wanted to get her day over with. Orrr..... maybe she's just rude. lol

Like everyone else, we can't wait for baby details!

Marcie said...

I can't believe that lady, and of all places to behave in such a way! Can't wait to find out your exciting news!

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