Sunday, June 01, 2008

Get Fit AGAIN?!?

It has been a month since we renewed our fitness vows and endeavored to take on a greater fitness challenge. Did you make it? How well did you do? Ups, Downs?

I obviously have been a little less talkative than normal. While you have most likely been working yourself into a skinny frenzy, I have actually been putting on the pounds. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have INCREASED in size. Particularly in my mid region, but I have noticed a dramatic change in my rear cushion. If you didn't pick up on my vague and utterly random posts about 2 months ago, I am Baby Hauling, Prego, Knocked Up, Bun in the Oven, a backwards camel, swallowed too many watermelon seeds, in other words, I am Pregnant.

Not that this one fact should overshadow the great quest of my blog: Complete physical, mental and spiritual Fitness, balanced with a healthy grasp of the oddities of life; but, (and yes it is becoming a BIG 'but') I do feel sad to say I that this is the last fitness challenge of the summer. The next great fitness challenge will commence November of this year and it will be a challenge to beat all challenge, because lets face it, when I am back in the game, I love a good competition.

Lets get down to business. Did you sink or swim, pass or (not pass), GET FIT OR FORGET ABOUT IT? I want to hear how you did, how well you preformed, what worked for you and what didn't. Spill your guts on whatever is on your mind and if you are chosen to be my ULTIMATE GET FIT WINNER, you could be the grand winner of a full family photography photo shoot!

Post your guts and glory in the thoughts below. Happy writing and winning!


Bobbi said...

Congrats, Erin!! I'm telling you, fourth time's a's BOUND to be a girl this time!! I'm excited for you. As for May's fitness challenge, I made it about halfway through the month and then stopped keeping track of points. I wasn't doing well in the first place and then there was the whole end of school, going out of town and having surgery chaos going on, so I jumped ship altogether. Though I did really enjoy the cleaning the house part of the challenge. I noticed a huge difference on the days I actually dedicated a whole hour to actively deep cleaning, rather than just the usual picking up and putting things away. It's nice to have a house that actually smells and feels clean. By the way, I still haven't gotten my prize from the first get fit challenge. Any ideas what happened? No big deal either way. It was reward enough to have lost the extra baby pounds!!! Congrats again on your pregnancy and I can't wait to help you burn it back off in November!!!

JoMamma said...

The gray clouds and storms brought me back to my old ways of not working out and eatting like crap. SNAP. I waisted another month. That's right I mis-spelled wasted. Get it. Oh if I have to explain it's not that funny.

Amy said...

Yeah! Finally you posted about your pregnancy. I thought you were going to keep it a secret until the great gender reveal. :P

Hmm.. I must be getting slow...I didn't catch the hidden message in a prevous post.

Off to find it or else it ewill eat me alive!

Marcie said...

It was so great to see you and Mark last weekend! I also enjoyed seeing you in picture taking action at Reed's wedding. You are amazing at everything you do! Sorry we weren't able to get together again on Memorial Day- one day I'd love to have you take our family pics. :) I can't wait to read about what you're having- I'm sending you more girl vibes!

The Van Leeuwen Family said...

Hooray for Erin! It was great to see you on Friday, can't wait to see how the pics turned out! Last month I was on a roll, I was working out, meeting most the goals, everything. This month has been totally different - I totally tanked! I did SO bad. I'm really looking forward to November's challenge - I think I'm going to really be needing it!

Shayleen Lunt said...

Exactly what post was that? I definitely didn't catch it! CONGRATS! Hope you are feeling okay.

Jordan & Jandee said...

Erin Congrats! You guys definitely make really cute kiddos so bringing another Summerill into the world is definitely a good idea! Can't wait to find out what you are having!

gurrbonzo said...

WOW! Congratulations! One more cute baby of yours in the world...way to go! I am thrilled for you.

In the fitness realm, I did a pretty good job this month as my big post-pregnancy bum was huge motivation. Seriously, it looks like I kept her in my bum instead of my belly. I did a good job this month (though I still love me a good diet cola) and particularly enjoyed getting extra points for an additional 30 minutes of cardio. Once you get going, another half hour feels pretty dern good. I only have 4 more baby pounds to go and my bum is almost back to normal so let us give thanks.

Pierces said...

ERIN!! Remember me?? Taylor. Your long lost Hawaiian friend? Of course you remember...we were lovers. How could you forgot? you are pregnant. You aren't going to give more details?? Such as, how far along you are, when you are due, possible names, etc?? Come on now.

Kristen said...

Congratulations Erin!!!! I just found out last night that both of my sis in laws are prego too! Must be somethin in the air. :) I did alright this month. I didn't do the no sugar, but everything else was okay. Cardio was good for 2 weeks and not so good for two weeks. It was fun, though! My points are meager, but I did lose another 3 lb. this month!! Thanks again for the motivation! I hope your family is doing well and that Mark likes his new job! Luv, Kris

Mariko said...

Erin, I've been waiting to post my points because I'm so embarassed that I am even being competitive. Everyone else is just wishing you well and here I am thinking "HOW MANY POINTS DO YOU HAVE?!" Ha ha. Kind of. I have 173 points. I was really bad on the sugar thing. I only got it ONCE. I started off the month strong with P90X, but I've been slacking on it because of the insane grading I've been doing lately. I think grading should be cardio points, because I was working my wrist muscles baby! I only lose 1/2 a pound. I have serious issues with weight loss, I think. I told everyone about your get fit challenge. I am sad that we won't be doing it again until November. Can we do it just for fun until then? But I need you to tell me to do it, or else I won't, because I'm weird like that.

Just so said...

I rocked out the first week and then totally bombed out the rest of the time. It seems that my life is kind of like that. I did get 55 points that first week so I'll post those here but I didn't keep track the rest of the time.

I was doing this to lose weight for a reunion that is coming up this Saturday. I guess even having people I haven't seen in 20 years see me fat isn't enough motivation Ha!

Congratulations on your bun!

Laurie said...

Hi Erin! And congrats on your baby! I skimmed through the comments and noticed not very many people posted points. I will tell you that I got a total of 230 Points...not a lot, but okay. I like the things you have added and wondered if you would like to add another point for one hour of working on a talent...that would help me get my hour of piano practice in. I like working for the points, even though I sometimes decide not to care about certain points. I like to say my prayers in the morning right after I make my bed and then read my that helps with that point. I do better with the workout parts when I go to the gym instead of trying to workout at home. I actually lost four pounds last month, but I didn't turn my points in last month, and I haven't lost more this month. But I haven't gained any either! :) I will try to do better this month! Thanks again for doing this.

Donna said...

it might sound strange but i am kind of relieved you are pregnant! i've been eyeing your fitness challenges for a while, but being 'up the duff' (as we say in the sunny UK!) myself i havent been able to participate. i'm due at the end of august so i will have a little head start on you ;) So roll on november, i'll be here challenging my (admittedly rubbish!) fitness!

and a million congrats to you and yours on your new baby :) <3

Queen Mommy said...

Congratulations! :)
I have to say I totally bombed the sugar point this entire month. (I got 9 points for no sugar the whole month, and 4 of them were last week!) I read recently that sugar is an addiction just like drugs or alcohol, and I can believe it! Every time I get sad I run for the chocolate! On the plus side, drinking 64 oz of water and no soda has finally gotten easy! I only missed my water point 1 time, and the soda point 4 times. Now even when I do drink soda it's so not thirst quenching that I can only drink a little, and then go for the water! :)
So... I got 249 points, and lost 2 pounds, so that makes 253! Not super fabulous, but I think I'm improving.
This challenge has been a great motivator for me, I really appreciate it. I think I'll be keeping track of points even though they don't count. I'm sure my mom will still compete with me. :) We keep each other motivated.

Emily said...

Hey Erin!
It's Mark's cousin, Gerritt's, wife - haha!

Your blog is awesome!

Congrats on the pregnancy - how exciting for you guys! Your fitness program sounds so cool! I love how you do spirituality in there as well as physical exercise. I'm doin the Bowflex plan right now, but I'm adding your spirituality motivation into it. :)

We should catch up some time - maybe we need to do a BBQ of some kind!

Carolyn said...

Congratulations!!! I am hoping for a girl!! You need someone to dress in pink!

Jason,Tiffany, & the Crew said...

Congrats Erin! Another beautiful Summerill wonderful! I hope you are feeling ok! I'll be watching your blog for any updates! YEA!!! -Tiff

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