Wednesday, February 06, 2008

My man...

...better remember our anniversary that is coming up exactly one month from today! For the majority of our almost 9 years as a blissfully married couple, Mark has exceeded any anniversary expectation I might have squeezed into my small conceptualized idea store of what anniversaries should be; HOWEVER, (and noticed the boldness of that word) Mark regretfully forgot or anniversary on one particular year...(tsk, tsk, tsk)...And that year he paid dearly, in the form of a shiny black Kitchen Aid. Although I do not condone missing an anniversary, I do love my Kitchen Aid, and my Man!


Naniloa Loop Scoop said...

Oh my gosh, when did Mark forget your anniversary? Poor Mark. ha ha ha...Okay I gotta attend a training on this blog thing. Your site is sooo cute, of course I dont expect anything less, however...I could have a cool one too dont you think? So, can you makeover my blogspot? Aside from that, how the heck are you? whats your email address again? I have a new cell and we need to catch up. Anyway, glad to be back in touch with the summerills. Do keep in touch!

Love and aloha,

Aunty Feinga

Just so said...

Hey! Now I see the resemblance between Mark and TC. Nice pictures. We don't do much for our anniversaries...we used to but the last few years it's just been dinner and a movie.

Carterista said...

My anniversary is in 10 days and I'm terrible at celebrating things. Maybe for your next post you could list some great ideas...that aren't too expensive.

OHANA said...

maybe a new set of washer and dryer!!! for this anniversary!!

Aulia Putri Aprilio said...

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