Wednesday, July 25, 2007


The Setting:
Two nights ago I opened an e-mail from e-bay. I often recieve e-mails from e-bay and had just recieved one the day before. The e-mail indicated that someone had posted negative feedback about my account and I could follow the link to resolve the issue. I clicked on the link and my internet filter immediately popped up "WARNING: SITE CONTAINS CRIMINAL INTENT". By the way, I love my internet filter it is bsafe online and it protects from all kinds of cyber space crap! Anyways, not quite understanding what happened because e-bay is not usally blocked, I then tried one more time to access the link (yes I know STUPID!!!). When my attempts were unsuccessful, I went to the e-bay page, accessed my account and then was confused to see that there was no mention of negative feedback or an inquiry against my account like the e-mail stated.

Within a few minutes, my webbrowser started clicking itself (almost like I was clicking on links but I wasn't touching it), then more windows for my web browser popped up, and then my computer froze. I turned off the computer thinking it was a simple computer glich and restarted the computer. The computer continued to do the same thing, so I shut it off and went to bed.

The next morning, Mark got on the computer to do some business and when the computer was loading, a black screen popped up and indicated that files had been removed. Mark tried to restart the computer and it completely locked up. He then completed a system restore because when we purchased the computer 2 years ago, he set up a restore in case anything like this ever occured. After 4 hours, the restore completed and then the computer stalled. It would not turn on, it would not turn off. It was fried!

We took the computer to Computer Doctors and left it there overnight. In the meantime, we had to immediately run out and purchase another computer because Mark's business is dependent on having a running computer. Thanks to Uncle Mastercard, we were able to purchase a laptop that day. Today, the Computer Doctors called to inform us that the virus that had attacked our computer was so severe that when they hooked up their equipment to diagnos the problem, it stalled their equipment too. At best, they might be able to retrieve all the files saved to our computer...might I add, these are files that we have been planning to back up before we move, but had not done so yet. Thus, any pictures taken in the last 2 years, songs downloaded, stories written, and important personal information saved is most likely lost! Because the virus attacked our computer, there is a chance that our personal financial files could have been we also have now spent HOURS contacting our credit cards and the three credit bureaus to notify them that our "identity" needs to be placed under a careful watch! Evidently the e-mail that I opened was VERY destructive...

You evil, pernitious, vile computer hackers...I have notified all my credit cards, lines of credit and the credit bureaus, if you even so much as charge a greasy hot dog on my line of credit, I will be notified and you will be stopped DEAD in your tracks. I will come after you with a vengeance and if I ever see you in person, I will beat you down, utilizing my years of aerobic kickboxing training and I will DAMAGE your personal property, (if you get my vengeful meaning). Computer Hacker/possible identity theft stealer...Your Days are numbered because now EVERYONE will know! I am watching, looking and eventually I will find you and obliterate you!


Tammy said...

Erin----Soooooo sorry!!! You just described my nightmare! I keep meaning to save all my photos to disc and now, through the sad experience of you, my friend, I know what I will be spending my Thursday morning doing. Burning over 8000 photos to disc. Live and learn baby, live and learn.......

Amy said...

Oh my goodness! Sounds like us, except they didn't need to steal your computer to take away all your stuff. I totally and completely empathize. :(
Just repeat this any time the rage kicks in (believe me, it still happens to me): "Vengence is the Lord's. Vengance is the Lord's....." :)

JayandCassandra said...

Boy I'm glad I'm not the fool who messed with you Erin! You will prevail... you always do! Love ya girl.

Carterista said...

My condolences to you, your family and your computer. It was a good computer. It gave everything it had until the end. It's death was untimely and I regret that it has caused you much sorrow. I mourn with you. :-(
I also pity the fool who ever gets caught by you in a rage. Let it never be me. :-)

Jason,Tiffany, & the Crew said...

I can't believe somebody would do such a thing...that is Terrible! I hope you can salvage as much as possible from your old computer. If you ever find who did this Jason and I will help you out with our Tae Bo moves...Bring it on stupid computer hacker!-Tiffany

haley said...

Ohhh, so sad! Aaron got an external hard drive for Christmas this past year, and I haven't really seen its true benefit until now...I will be backing up files again tonight. Oh yeah, and Emma has been singing "George, Henyi, Baby Dor" all day.

Judy said...

I am so sorry Erin. Something like this actually happen to me. I fell for some a dumb e-mail, and had to immediately call all the credit bureau. Mine wasn't anywhere near as nasty as yours though. Hang in there!


Marcie said...

This is such a bummer! I definitely need to burn our pics to a CD. It's one of my biggest fears to lose them!

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