Thursday, May 13, 2010

Public Service Announcement from S.S. Summerill


The Dixon Family said...

That kitten is adorable and I now "like" you on no more playing in traffic.)

Stacey said...

Too cute!

JoMamma said...

How could anyone say no to that cute kitty.

Gooberfest said...

Erin you are way too cute. Just wanted to let you know about my new blog. I won't be doing much with this one (Gublerfamilyblog) anymore so go to now to read updates on me and the fam. BTW, I LOVE your pictures. I wish I was as good as you.

Kayleen said...

Bahahaha! You make me laugh! Love ya Erin and your little kitty too!

RaShelle said...

Hey Erin. I already "liked" you on FB, but now I "following" you here. LOL

Aldea Aundy said...

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