Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Condie Family : Utah Family Photography

Ally Condie.  Hmmm, what can I say about you besides I'm insanely jealous of your talents.  Ally is one of those people who could be a ROCKSTAR if she wanted to...And really, she just might end up being one.   Besides being a PUBLISHED author (notice that is in all caps...um, yeah, jealous much?), she is also an awesome MARATHON runner (notice that is also in all caps...seriously jealous much?)  Need I say more.  Well, I was certianly glad to SHOOT Ally.  Her cute family was a blast!  Thanks for the fun shooting. 


Lindsey said...

Where is this? I love them!

I'm Erin said...

Lindsey this is the Provo river trail.

Sara said...

You did a great job Erin! Ally, your family looks beautiful!! I love the location too. Trav has been trying to convince me to take a family pic in the middle of the street for years. I'm too worried about the other users of the street - namely cars! maybe we should find a bike trail like this someday! :-) Way to go Erin!!

PS I'm jealous of Ally too!! :-)

Allyson Condie said...

Erin: you, me, St. George marathon next summer. You in? I need a training partner or I won't do it. You're so great but you neglected to mention that all my marathons are pre-kid.

I'm serious. We could totally do it.

Thanks again for the great pics.

Lindsey said...

Thanks lady!

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