Monday, August 03, 2009

Mckell and Alex

So in love. I really couldn't describe them any other way. When they're around each other, Mckell laughs without abandon, and Alex dotes on her ever word. Not a moment slips away when you can't help but feel the charge of energy between them. Kismet. Magic. Destiny.

Mckell and her mom and future sister in law got ready in the suite, while Alex happily chatted with friends. When the ceremony began, a hush fell across the guests. Mckell, on her father's arm, walked through the gardens, putting the flowers and bright sun to shame. She was radiant.


I love LOVE. Really, every time I get to shoot a wedding, I feel so lucky. Their happiness is contagious and inspiring. I walk away from each wedding I shoot with a greater perspective on my own life. Thanks Mckell and Alex, for letting me be a part of it all.


Kristina P. said...

These are beautiful! And she and her dress are stunning.

haley said...

These are gorgeous! I love the last one-where he is holding her AWESOME hot pink shoes!

JoMamma said...

So they look like movie stars. Beautiful!

Weight Family said...

What a pretty bride! Good job!

Kayleen Feil Photography said...

Beautiful! Way to go Erin!!

Faith said...

Gorgeous pictures! I'm so glad that you share your shots on your blog.

Melony said...

so purty!!!! :D

Carterista said...


Colettescreations said...

Ok girl. I of course love your pictures, but I also enjoy reading all your stuff. You make me laugh! You should right a book using your whit and humor. Anyways, come see me sometime. I'm having to put photography on hold-again. Having issues with my health again so I have to slow down. I'll do stuff for fun. Maybe thats all i am supposed to do. It's fun to look at your site and look at how you look at things. It's inspiring. Love ya, Colette

Nailah Saida said...

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