Sunday, August 09, 2009

Jinger and Grace and party hoppin'.

Yesterday was the day of Parteeeeees. Nick, our very close and chummy friend, turned a whopping 25. (How would that be? Sigh.) And then my ultra-cool, aerobics-lovin-Lady friend, Tracey, and her hubby, Finn had a rockin summer bash. (And when I say rockin, I mean it...there was a DJ! And yes, I danced a wee jig as I dug into their yummy party cuisine)
Then last, I snuck over to my once a month ladies night.

Ok, so what does my travelogue have to do with the super sweet baby shots on this post. Well, nothing really. Just that at the rockin' summer bash, Mark and I saw some super cool friends that we have known since Mark and I were dating. They just had their fourth baby.

So I seized the 'shooting a newborn' moment and snapped away. This little gal is only two weeks old and look how chunky lovely she is. ahhh. Sweet sweet baby.

Ah. The last one is my favorite. So sweet.


Jinjer said...

Thanks for taking these pictures, Erin. They are awesome! It was fun to see you and Mark and to catch up a little bit.

Julie said...

That's my darling niece! Great job on the photos, and thanks for posting them.

Lou said...

Love these pictures, Baby Grace is adorable and you captured her so well.

Robyn said...

Great pics, again! Yay for Jinjer and baby adorable!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures of Grace and her awesome mom!! Love them both - grandma jill

Peter said...

You rock Erin (and Mark too). Thanks.

Junior and Marissa Shum said...

Hey party animal, how about one more??? We're celebrating Jr's
30th/our house is done with a BBQ on Labor Day. We need some Summerill lovin. Also I REALLY want to schedule a photo shoot with you. We haven't had family pics since before Tavita was born. Please,please let me know when we can reserve your fine talent!

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