Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I waited around all yesterday, running to the door at every tap or clank from outside. See, our cute button doorbell doesn't work. People ring it all the time, and I'm sure they think that I'm flat out rude for not answering the door when I'm home. But in actuality, I don't know they're there.

I knew UPS was coming, and if they rang my doorbell and I missed it, I would be a sad, sad, girlie. Half the day I actually left the door open, but the dang flies swarmed the living room and it was a great big buzz fest. Nuff' said. I had to close the door--and resort to listening to every pin drop.

Finally at 3:16-ish, UPS man came in all his parcel toting glory. Oh praise you UPS man with your tight-brown, rear-hugging shorts, and your electronic signature pad. Thank you very much for my NEW LENS! he he he.

I'm giddy. Overjoyed. Elated.

Nikkor 70-200 2.8 VR, I LOVE YOU.

What I love most? Your bokeh.
(Side note: bokeh is the beautiful fuzzy areas around the sharp area...ok, so maybe that's not the technical term, but you get my drift. Just check out the sweet shot.)


Kayleen said...

yay! I have the same lens. I LOVE IT!! I consider it a member of the family. BEAUTIFUL BOKEH!!!

Leslie said...

Just don't tell Troy about it - ha ha! We have to learn the stuff we have first before we get into the cool stuff like that. Nice shot of my Henster. I'm glad old snaggly has finally broken out of the joint. It must have happened right after we left Utah cause it was barely hanging by a gummy thread.

JoMamma said...

You got me all excited talking about the UPS man. I really wish someone would send me something. All I get is bills and junk mail.

Sarah said...

ooowww. I just felt a pang of jealousy. (ps, I thought this might be a scandalous story about your and your ups man. I too was excited, but for another reason.)

Ella said...

Wow that what that does? I think that is the lens I have.

Ella said...

Nope mine is a 70-300 5.6 or something. will it do that too? it has a vr on the side of it!

Drew and Kristine said...


Krystal said...

Wow, I want one of those!

Julie said...

gorgeous! It makes me want to sign up for your photography classes. If I only lived closer!

m e g • (an) said...

i envy you.
and your camera, erin.
i hope you are fully aware you are, in fact, my hero.

Weight Family said...

Now you can take even better pictures. Wait, is that possible?

Wendy said...

i have lens envy ~

big8smiley said...

Very nice! I love the lens! Does Mark know how much you love those UPS butt-hugging shorts?

haley said...

What I love is that super-cute blonde boy who doesn't know it yet, but will someday marry my little Emma. She would look good with some bokeh, too. You should come see her.

Nailah Saida said...

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