Thursday, August 06, 2009

Aw poop.

I should have known. Really, it was quite obvious before I even opened the door that the smell was overwhelming . . . to say the least, it was nose-burning. But I pushed open Ruby's door anyway because nap time was over. (You can only leave your kids in their beds for so long and still consider it a 'nap' and not jail time for them and free time for me . . . although, I'm not one to count the time too closely.)

I was surprised that Ruby was awake after just a quick hour nap. She should have slept for at least two.

It was clearly evident, as in plastered all over her crib rails, blanket, toys, pillow, and her wee baby body WHY she was awake.


Need I say more?


Carterista said...

Cute clean pants. Apropos.

Nikki said...

hahahaha grosssssssss.

You need to get little baby pants that say "Toxic." hehehe

Ella said...

Ok erin very funny thing, I had a same thing happen to me the other day with my sweet Olivia, and thought of you as I cleaned it out from her toes down her legs the front of my shirt down my arm and when i returned home from the doc's found the bottom of exasaucer covered like it was painted, explained the between the toes think. LOL it was one poopy day.

A. said...

Love the pants! Funny enough, I was thinkig you were going to post a pic of the mess!! hahaha

Chris & Jackie Kontoes said...

I'm so not looking forward to smeared poo!

by the way...I need your address. email it to me, K!

Nick and Emily said...

I love those pants. AWESOME!

Nailah Saida said...

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