Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ruby Ruby Ruby...I Just Cant Get Enough

Kayleen, my wonderfully talented, photographer friend popped on down for the weekend with this lovely piece of FRINGE! How cool is it? Kind of weird...but super cool. So, of course I have my little model on hand. Ruby had a great time playing around (and by playing, I mean eating) the fringe. So here are just a handful of shots from yesterday. I think my favorite is the first. Even though she's eating the fringe I love her interested expression. What a doll.

Oh, and Thanks Finn and Tracey for the hat. It's a good thing I spent time at your yard sale. Now you know the real reason I was so interested in helping out.


SO said...

She is SO adorable!! And that fringe is cool.

Why weren't you at church today? Are you feeling okay?

JoMamma said...

SO CUTE! You make me want a little girl. Maybe I'll come take her for a few hours then I won't need my own.

SummShine said...

She knows she is a cutie! Look at the smirk in her face in that third picture. Great shot Erin!

Bobbi said...

Now I really AM ticked I couldn't make it to your house yesterday!!! Those shots are adorable...and so is your little girl! It was so fun to get to meet her and see you this weekend. I wish we could have had another week to play!!!

Bobbi said...

P.S. I'm still waiting for you to blog about Flat-tire Friday so I can just post a link from my blog to yours instead of blogging about it myself...

The Price Family said...

She is so darling!!! I was thinking she should be a model then it occurred to me, She already is!!! haha

Nikki said...

Soooooo adorable! I especially like the last pic.

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