Wednesday, May 06, 2009

My New Theme Song

This is truly the story of my life right now...and too funny.


the fowlers said...

the two best parts for me:

her dog looks just like my dog and he is doing the usual things that my dog does: lounging on the floor like he's dead or sitting in a chair and chillaxing -

and the fact that the "rain" was obviously a hose.

ha ha.

Kayleen said...

that was hillarious!

Peggy said...

You know, Erin. For what was possibly a full 24 hours, I felt so happy for you to be working without the fear of a possible deadline! I find it funny that just a day later, you are working with an actual deadline! Maybe we should all chip in to have a Diet Pepsi fountain installed at your house. And maybe a daily m&m delivery.

tammy said...


Mariko said...

Are you WRITING a book, you crazy girl?

SO said...

I love people who can come up with things like this! Is this why you are ignoring our Sramble game on FB???

Adeeva Afsheen said...

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