Wednesday, December 24, 2008


WORD UP!!! Mark, my totally awesome and fabuloso dancin' hubby is throwing me a NEW YEAR'S EVE BIRTHDAY DANCE BASH to celebrate my turning the big 30! Since we are doing this last minute, I wanted to send word out through my blog to let you know you are all invited.
If you are going to be in Utah for New Year's Eve, then I want you to come BOOGIE DOWN at my 30TH BIRTHDAY NEW YEAR'S EVE BASH!

WHERE: The lds Church by my house (email me at erinsummerill(at) for specific directions...I am leaving out exact directions for safety precautions)
WHAT: The best dance party ever.
WHO: You, your friends, your family, your kids. Everyone is invited to come!

Please: If you come I would love for you to bring a great appetizer or dessert to share!

The party will be DJ'd by DJ Beau "P Diddy" Diamond! Check out their awesome Party Site:

The above pictures are from Diamond audio's most recent bash...ARE YOU AS EXCITED AS I AM TO ROCK OUT? If you have a song you want to request, put it in the comment section and I will make sure it gets played at the party.

ASK THE AUDIENCE: Please respond in the comments section or email me so I can plan on you coming!


Ticklemedana said...

so I totally sent you a message but I'll just say here, too, that I'm so there...=)

Nick and Emily said...

we're are for sure coming. and are totally pumped for the PARTAA!!!

Rach said...

wish i was coming, play a Michael Jackson song for me anyways!!!

Carterista said...

Jarid called me from the road this morning. He's going to trade shifts to help a co-worker.
I told him to trade for New Year's Eve.
He said something like..."Oh crap!"
Then I said, "Come on! Then I'll have someone to slow dance with!"
He said, "I was talking to that car that almost hit me."
So, he never did answer my question, did he?

A. said...

If we were only a few states closer... Sounds like a blst though!

Weight Family said...

Bummer! We already have plans. It may not have been very easy to talk Jay into going to a dance party anyway... but I would have loved it! ROCK ON!

eva fhadilah said...

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