Friday, October 03, 2008

Kelsi and Matt...Here They Are!!!

Take a look at these shots. Yes I have been having quite a bit of photoshop fun, but these shots rock. My challenge in shooting this couple is I have never shot where they married, so I had to stake out the area and find places I liked. I was completely pleased with what I came up with! Tip: If you are shooting in a new area, stake out the place and click a few shots off to check your exposure!







Robyn said...

Yet again, amazing pictures! You have such a great eye for this Erin. I just wish you would have figured that out BEFORE I got married! Oh well, at least I have awesome family and baby shots!

tammy said...

What a beautiful couple! & your photos just make them even more so! You are so awesome, Erin!

Carterista said...

Great pics as ALWAYS!

Thanks for posting on my blog. You are the only one who saw the humor! We must both be a bit twisted. :-)

Kristine said...

I love them! I love your style. I want you to do MY pic's FOREVER! That means you have to outlive me. lol!

eva fhadilah said...

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