Saturday, September 13, 2008

Spicing it Up

Last night as I sat pricing yard sale items for the 4th yard sale this summer (not mine, but a friend's...because obviously I am the Yardsale GURU and other lesser, non Yardsalers do not have the expertise I do), I found myself occupied with a large black Sharpie Marker. As I leaned over to make large eye-catching yard sale signs, it became uncomfortably apparent that my tummy is far too large to be bending over. I leaned back, releasing the crunch on my belly protrusion and rested against the chair behind me. The marker was still in my hand and I couldn't help pondering what I could do with a massive Sharpie marker.
For the fiftieth time I noticed my shirt riding up above my belly. Ugh! I feel as if I am constantly at war, tugging my shirt down. And then as I sat there struggling with my too tight shirt, I had one of those AHA moments. I was knocked over with the greatest Sharpie epiphany ever!!!

I took the sharpie and decorated my bulging baby bump. Two eyes and a giant smile later, my belly looked like the back of Winnie the Pooh's Rump.

Then to my greatest satisfaction, I hid my joy and large smiley face until I could pounce my surprise on Mark. When he least expected it, I told him I wanted to show him something in private. Then I slowly lifted my shirt and exposed my BELLY FACE!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA......lets just say that I thought it was funny.

This is just another 'hey I am bored being pregnant' story.


Leslie said...

That's just a little bit creepy -poor Mark, ha ha!

crazy with 4, but I still want more said...

Ha ha haa that's so funny, why didn't I think of that. Maybe you should paint your belly orange and then color a pumpkin face on it and you could hold the pumpkin with your hands and that will be your halloween outfit!!
haa ha ahaa

Amy said...

haha! So where's the picture of YOUR belly? You show us other prego bellies, why not "the belly face"? :P

Carterista said...

If I ever get pregnant again I'm going to use that costume idea!
Erin, why don't WE get to see it?

Faith said...

Way to have fun and keep a good attitude while being pregnant. You're great Erin!

tammy said...

Last Halloween I wanted so badly to turn my pregnant tummy into a jack-o-lantern and go trick or treating. It will be one of my biggest regrets that I ran out of time.....and paint.

The Van Leeuwen Family said...

That's hilarious! & Yeah, where's a picture of your pregnant belly?

JoMamma said...

I wish you would have posted a picture on the blog.

Haley said...

I'm so glad you found my blog and posted a comment. I've looked at your darling blog lots of times, but I never commented cuz I wasn't sure you'd remember me. I love the story, but I wish there was a pic!! Good to "see" you. I am in need of a serious girls night. Maybe next month . . .

Amy said...

Why I am going to post this for the world to see...I don't know.

I had a dream last night that our families were together again, and you showed me your belly face. haha! Oddly enough though, your belly was tiny and the umbilical cord was on the outside coming from your belly button. Please don't really show me now. I've been scarred :P

Kahilau said...

You deserve to take a picture of that!!! Hahaha. I have contemplated drawing the Death Star (from Star Wars) on my belly since first of all, it's huge, and second, we are dressing up as star wars for Halloween this year. You have inspired me! Thanks!

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