Thursday, March 20, 2008


Tip of the day:
Be 'PICKY' (do you get my photo pun?!?)
This Challenge is designed to help you feel successful and to encourage you to choose the most points daily. So, be very picky when it comes to what you do with your day. Don't squander your points on a meaningless piece of candy or one can of soda. BE PICKY, and pick the best possible choice.
My 6 year old son learned this statement last year from his kindergarten teacher. He likes it so much, he says it right before he walks out the door to school everyday:
To be the best that I can be the Choice will always be up to me! (say it, and then BE PICKY about the choices you choose everyday!)
Have a FIT TIP that has worked for you? Share it in the comments
Have a trial that has gotten you down? Share it in the comments
Anything random to share? Share it in the comments


Brown Family said...

Man I thought I was gonna be so much stronger than I am... As stated in my last comments my husband just deployed for a 15 month deployment... I have come to the conclusion I am a "depression eater." Any tips on how to overcome this..... I guess first things first, I just need to get all the JUNK out of my house, and maybe when I'm feeling down to veg on some carrots or something... Any tips would be so helpful for me... I don't get any double points this week yet for no chocolate... What do I do to resist? It seems to be the only thing to satisfy me from being so lonely. I did go for a walk today! That is a HUGE start for me!!

Cahokia said...

SUgar-free pudding and sugar-free jello are AMAZING! they taste really great; no after taste like with anything else artificially sweetened and they have been keeping my chocolate cravings at bay.

I just bought a bike and will be huffing it up state street hill to work...we'll see how long THAT lasts...

Tracking what i eat at; it's free and it helps me see how much fat I'm actually getting as well as protein, and carbs and seeing where all my calories go...(taster spoons of frozen custard actually DO add up! LOL...)

Man...I'm so not perfect, but I really feel like this is it for me this time; this is gonna work! =D

JoMamma said...

Alright alright. I'll skip the pepsi tomorrow.

Piglet 26 said...

I totally understand the depression eating. And I think that a lot of women do that. I would say, go ahead and have a day or even a week of it. Then once you have paid attention to your feelings, try to turn that energy elsewhere like: exercising, writing in a journal, playing an instrument, scrapbooking, quilting or something else artsy. I have found that even when I am feeling down, if I sink into a good book I don't think about eating as much and I get to immerse myself in an awesome story! It is good not to ignore those lonely feelings, but find another outlet...and then maybe some of those feelings will go away!

I will be thinking about you, so let me know how it goes...ohhhh and do update us about your hubby!

Bobbi said...

So, what I think you're saying is, if you're going to break the rules, make sure you break them good!!! If you're going to eat one Oreo, you might as well go ahead and eat the whole package!!! Is that right?

Piglet 26 said...

OF Course! hahahahaha...within reason.

Brenda said...

Boy did I really take your advice last week and take a hiatus from the GFC. It was just a downer week, I was down, my kids were out of control, the weather was yucky and so on...maybe the moon had something to do with it :)

I am happy that although I made the most of our Easter Feast & treats I didn't gain a pound! WooHoo! I am back on track today!

Laurie said...

Hi Erin,
Well, I did not know that we had to come on the blog to get info. You did mention that you would be writing to me, not the other way round. So, I didn't know about the two point thing...ah well.
Are you asking for points now? And must I post them for all to see? If not, how do I send them to you? Do the points go by the week? or by the today counted for March or April?
I have to admit that this challenge has helped me to read my scriptures and say my morning prayers. I want that point...probably more than the others because it is important to me. So thanks for that incentive.
Please answer my questions. My daughter wants to know the answers as well.

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