Monday, March 24, 2008

GET FIT CHALLENGE: The Final Countdown

(4th quarter pep talk) Are you still in the game? This is the final quarter. Can you go the distance? We have had some ups and downs, but this game is still within reach. We can take and we must! So get out there, play hard, and don't let them (the bad temptation team) score all those points against you. Remember Zac Effron's coined phrase, "Keep your head in the game!" (coach slaps you on the but) Now get out there and play it like you mean it. BRING IT HOME!

FACTS: This is the last week of Month 1's challenge. One week from today, there will be a call for points post on this blog. Within 1 week, you will need to submit your points for each week of the challenge, your total points for the month, and one success story of how you beat the odds or played the best GET FIT CHALLENGE you could.

FEELINGS: You might be feeling discouraged or down because you 'downed' handfuls of Easter candy in one sitting, or you might be feeling overwhelmed with the options of points everyday. Remember, the intention of this Get Fit Challenge, is it make 'goal achieving' bite size and manageable. Each day you have the chance to take control of your actions and be rewarded! Remember, "We are all in this Together" (another High School Musical moment).
Even if you have felt defeat for the last 3 weeks, Take charge this week and find your success!

FUN: Have fun and set your sights high this week. This is the final week of month 1's challenge. See how high you can score and make a game out of it! Then, in the thoughts below, share your success and the way you achieved it!


Brenda said...

I give my kids some of their Easter candy each day until it is G-O-N-E! I start with the stuff I like first, so I am not tempted by it. Normally we keep minimal treats in our house... This is a big help. If you don't have it, you won't eat it~ at home anyway.

Faith said...

I am involved in a similar get fit challenge through my ward and my greatest success is that I have exercised everyday except Sunday for the last two weeks. This past week my goal was to up my exercise period to a whole hour and I've done it. I haven't seen the scare budge since then (in fact I gained 1/2 a pound) but I am hoping that my newly growing muscles has something to do with that. I also didn't touch a morsel of Easter Candy or desserts....that was a great success for me!

Bobbi said...

For some reason, the hardest part about exercising for me is pushing the "play" button on my workout videos. Once I get that far, I really do love it!! I just never "feel like it" until I'm actually doing it. Two things that have helped me stick with the program so far are: #1: I REALLY WANT TO WIN and I know that if I am going to have any chance of beating Leslie-the-overachiever (I read her comment on the first Fitness Post and knew she'd be a hard one to beat), I'll need every possible point I can get. #2: I bought a cute new swim suit and I keep it in my underwear drawer so that every day when I am getting dressed, I can look at it and think about how FREAKING AWESOME I will look at the pool all summer if I just stick with all the things on the Get Fit Challenge. (The other moms will be so jealous!!!)

QUESTION: Are we still getting double points on the one thing on the list that's the most challenging for us? Or was that just for last week only?

The Van Leeuwen Family said...

I didn't buy ANY Easter Candy this year. It was certainly easy to stay away from it by not having it around. Sugar certainly isn't the hardest part for me, it's the exercise these days. I LOVE how great I feel after I get my workout in each day but boy is it hard. I'm so exhausted that it's hard to motivate myself to get going. But, I'm still managing to get some sort of exercise in almost each day, it's great!

Brown Family said...

this week is a new week for me.. im excited... i have already gotten a lot of points today!!!!

Queen Mommy said...

Hey Erin! My mom told me about this a couple weeks ago, and I have finally gotten around to looking up your blog! (I need a procrastination challenge!) I'm totally excited for April.
I have a couple questions. Ditto Bobbi's about double points, as well as: Does April start today because it's Monday? Or do we just start on Tuesday? (Do we go by weeks or months?)
Also, a thought. Someone asked about a pregnant workout, I think. I totally recommend checking out befitmom(dot)com. I haven't done the workouts like I should, but they are so awesome! (And gentle!)

Bobbi said...

No Monday Madness or Get Fit Post yet this week?? Something must be wrong!!! Hopefully it's just a computer glitch and nothing worse!! So, I really worked hard to get as many points as possible in March (277 to be exact). Then today I brought in the new month by indulging in THREE jelly-filled Krispy Kremes and skipping my morning workout!!! Hooray for April!!!

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