Wednesday, March 26, 2008

animal appetite

Once again, the mysterious treat bandit has dropped something delightful and edible off at my doorstep! These chocolaty creatures appeared the day before Easter! From who? That I do not know, although I have my suspicions. I do love getting treats at my door! So another treat means more spilling of the personal beans:

Truth: I feel so grateful to have a friend that drops off sweet treats at my doorstep when I am struggling just to be positive everyday! I do feel that our little roller coaster situation is soon to be remedied. Mark had 3 promising interviews last week in the county that we live in, so I am hopeful that we wont have to move. I love our home and I love our neighborhood. I love hearing the old man, who lives next door, yell at the teenagers who ride dirt bikes up and down the road. I love my kitchen, and I love most of our almost completed remodeled home. I love having friends and family close by and I love that my boys can ride their scooters to Grandpa's house every Saturday. Having said that, I am very hopeful that Mark will find a job close to our home and we will be able to stay here!


Just so said...

Are those chocolate hamsters? I almost hit a squirrel today.

Prayers that something comes of one of those interviews. I love having you guys close by as well.

James Family said...

you made the move from hawaii...we made the move from hawaii....we're stayin' you gotta stay...oh, and we should get together sometime...maybe you'll be hearing from me on the phone sooner than later. so be ready.

Amy said...

Oh I'm so happy to here that there are good possibilities in the works!

Those are cute little treats. You need to curb any cravings and just keep those for looking at. :)

Faith said...

I hope your hubby gets one of the jobs!

kellieanne said...

Cute critters! Thanks to the Harlequin Bandit! Are you sure you didn't have something to do with it? You are the English teacher and would have the quick notion to use a Robert Frost poem!

My thoughts are with you guys! Interviewing is intense. BUT - Carp got a better job once pressed upon to truly look.

JayandCassandra said...

Constantly moving is tough.... hang in there!

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