Saturday, February 02, 2008

When I think of babies

...I think of the sweet smell of Johnson's and Johnson's baby wash. I used to think of endless crying, little sleep, and messy diapers, but I guess I am softening up a little. Isn't it funny how just seeing a sweet little baby can bring a smile to your face, lighten your day, or remind you of trying but beautifully difficult times?
When George was 4 weeks old, he cried almost 6 hours of an 8 hour stretch through the night. I cried fact, I cried quite a bit that night and cursed that little trial in disguise as a blessing. Then after hours of turmoil, he fell asleep, into a deep peacefull, angelic sleep. I walked into his pastel nurery and peered over the sides of his crib rails. My sleepless night and angst slipped away; so sweet and innocent, he lay there breathing so softly, and I remember feeling in awe with how blessed and lucky I was to have him.
This week, my dear friend Tammy, allowed me to photoshoot her sweet baby, that may perhaps be her last. He is her 6th, but when I watch her hold him and love him, I am reminded of how in awe I was with my first. Isn't he a beautiful miracle?


My name is Natalie. said...

I love the still fuzzy skin! Oh oh oh Erin! These are fantastic! What a lucky friend she is to have these wonderful pictures!

Just so said...

Those are wonderful! Babies are so sweet. And you did a wonderful job of capturing this one.

Carterista said...

No diaper,huh? Pretty gutsy. :)
How do you get the background so black or white? Is that a photoshop trick?

Tammy said...

Erin--I owe you untold amounts for just the fuzzy back picture alone! But then you throw in the pic of Connor & Nick with Nick's mile-long eyelashes!! Thank you, thank you!!

Leslie said...

So are you saying your pregnant? Hmmm, I sense baby cravings are floating around your house.

kellieanne said...

These photos are fantastic! It helps that your subject is so perfect himself! I love your blog! It's "picturrrrrr-ific!"

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