Sunday, October 07, 2007

What would you say?

Last night Mark and I went on a date to a late night movie at the local cinema. Since I am a total sucker for butter popcorn, Mark and I stood in line for a large popcorn and a large Diet Pepsi (yes, I have a drinking problem). The awkward adolescent boy at the snack bar took an extra long time filling our order so I went into the theater to save seats. Luckily, the theater was mostly empty except for a few teenagers in the front and a couple in the back. I strolled down four or five rows and then stepped in to take my seat. As I walked toward the center of the isle I was distracted by the couple sitting in the back of the theater. At first glance, the wife seemed to be waving at me. She said, "Hey, I haven't seen you in a while." I turned toward the couple to get a better look and the husband tossed popcorn in my direction, smiled, and then said, "Hi, its good to see you out." At first, I'm sure my face was plastered with an utterly confused expression because I had know idea who they were, but since they were so convinced that they knew me, I could only respond by cheerfully saying, "I cant believe you guys are here too." I smiled, waved, and then sat down low, really low as I waited for Mark to bring the snack bar yummies. When Mark came I discreetly conferred with him concerning the friendly unknowns. After a few glances and deep discussion, Mark agreed that this was not a couple we knew.

After the movie, I waited as long as possible for the confused friendly couple to leave so I wouldn't have to walk past them. Mark made the quick over-the-shoulder glance to determine if the couple had left. When he noted that they had, we quickly exited the theater. Unfortunately, my plan didn't work so well because the couple lingered in the foyer outside of theater. When I saw they were there I froze in place with an uneasy confusion. Then my inner mental discussion dedided I had only one chioce. I decided my only choice to avoid further awkwardness was to bolt like a mad woman from the theater and to run straight to my car. Mark figured out what I was doing and quickly followed thereafter.



Shayleen Lunt said...

Uhm, it was me! That's okay though, it was fun to see you run as fast as you could out of the theater.

Amy said...

Let's see, I p[robably would have said inthe dark, "I can't see you very well in the dark, who is it?" I think that would clear it up very well. Otherwise I would NOT have enjoyed the movie wondering about them the whole time...ESPECIALLY if they threw popcorn at me! hahaha

If I still didn't know them, then either decide I was lame and forgetten who they were and just say excitedly, "Oh hi! Good seeing you." and sit down for the movie. Or just inform them they were mistaken and sit down and let them squirm for throwing mistaken identity popcorn. :)

How do you do it? How do these things happen to you? Do these happen to everyone and we just don't log it, or are you just a heat sensor for these types of things? :P

Judy said...

That happens to me a lot. I am terrible with names and for some reason people always remembers my name. I either try to bluff my way out of it or use my ninja skill and avoid them. Is usually the second, so if you spot me avoiding you sometime is probably because I couldn't remember your name. James usually try the first one. He loves grocery stores since his current/past students are usually wearing a name tag. :-)

Leslie said...

ha ha ha, that's so funny! Since you are back in PG, it was probably someone who knew ome of us girls and thought (lamely) that you were one of us. Well, if you were having a really bad hair day then they might think you were

haley said...

ha! ha! you are too funny! i have an incentive for you to make time in your oh-so-busy schedule to visit...i have a rachael ray cookbook that i will give to you. i have never used it and am looking for someone to give it to. you interested?

piglet26 said...

Haley I am coming over right now! hahaha

OHANA said...

hhaa haaa haaa ha

JayandCassandra said...

Erin since when are you so shy and timid??!! Ha ha!

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