Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Heroes: A show of inspiration

I have to admit, I am utterly addicted to the T.V. show Heroes. If you haven't seen the show, it is excellent; an action paced mystery with surprises lurking in every episode. The show is based on the idea that humans can evolve and adapt to their surroundings much like animals have evolved. The show's characters are a group undefined by race, age or sex. Each character is defined by his/her 'secret' power.

So far my favorite character is Peter, who has the advantage of soaking up other's powers when they are around...and I like the idea of being the person who has everything :) Which got me thinking, what superpowers do I have.

1. I can bargain. Although this might not seem like a superpower, it has saved me from over spending even though I am obsessed with remodeling and redesigning my home. I have been able to talk down prices at: Walmart, Home Depot, Ross, Craft Stores, the local Grocery Store, Furniture Stores, Car Dealerships, and most importantly of all...THRIFT STORES! On occasion, there have been others who have benefitted from this superpower because they have asked me to bargain the sales clerk down on a price, and I have!

2. I can Re-decorate: I would like to say that I can 'decorate', but in reality, it is the re-decorating that catches my eye...or perhaps ugly furniture configurations that catch my eye and then I plot out how to change them. I love going into homes and re-decorating. I have also used this superpower to help those around me in need...well, they might not see it as help, but in the end, THEY LOVE IT!

I can consume abnormal amounts of 'junk' food and not feel sick. As they say, What's one person's junk is another's treasure.

4. I am bendy:
I can lift my leg up in the air really high. Sometimes when someone in front of me isn't looking, I lift my leg up really high and...(ok, maybe this superpower should be kept a secret)

After considering the special powers that I have, I am now convinced that we can all be HEROES. So I urge you, take a close look at yourself and then answer the question: What superpowers do you have?

Here is my Super Hero Car! (well not really mine, but it is a friend's of mine)


Carterista said... MUST know that HEROES is a total knock-off of the early years of X-men. That being said, I admit I am also a fan...of both. With respect to my superpowers, I can not admit to having any since that would breach my "Secret Identity." I'll make one exception, though. (in a deep superhero voice) I AM CECILIA CARTER, THE ANTI-FARTER!!!

JayandCassandra said...

I'm really struggling to get into Heroes, but am trying because my Dad insists that it's my type of show. There's just ssoooo much going on at once! Which is perfect for you Erin! Okay my superhero power... reading emotions on people's faces. Even when they try to hide something. I'm pretty good at 'feeling' what's lurking below! That's the best I could come up with! But if I could choose a superpower, it would be teleportation (did I just make that word up?). I'm convinced we'll never live close to all our friends and family. I thought about mind reading but I really don't want to know what some people are thinking!

haley said...

Lately I am finding that I am super at throwing up. And I always make it to the toilet.

Naniloa Loop Scoop said...

Is this your car? I knew it. I knew you'd rock out once you moved to rock out land. How are you? I did a blog and its so ghetto. I realized that I'd probably fade away in your social circle unless I got onto something that you were heavily involved in. ANyway, hope the boys are good. Give them a hug for me.

Marcie said...

I like to pretend that I'm a superhero when I exercise...just kidding! We watch this show also and really like it! (Our fav still is LOST.)

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