Sunday, October 28, 2007


Yes, we have been working ourselves to the bone, slaving away on our home. That is the reason that I have not had the time to update the blog. The home is coming along, we have finished the 'gutting' process and we are now starting the rebuilding phase. The gutting process took longer than expected because we came across a few 'rotting' problems. Now that those have been taken care of, we can proceed! I am excited to see the house come together. Which brings me to the next point, you are probably wondering what the title of my blog is about. Well, if you are in the area and are interested in a FREE crash course in remodeling, stop by our humble abode! You will have the first hand opportunity to learn to: frame, drywall, mud, sand, run electrical, replace old light fixtures, tile kitchens and bathrooms, hang trim, hang crown moulding and paint like a pro.

You can learn all these valuable skills for a one time low price of: FREE!!!
If this offer sounds like a good fit for you, stop by our new home anytime, Monday thru Saturday, 8 am until midnight.

No reservations necessary.
Since we have been working really hard, it has been really nice to take a break. I was able to take off 2 nights this week to take pictures for a few friends of mine. Here are a few:


haley said...

oohhh i love the picture of tammy, sydney and shelby! good work, erin! it is probably easy to take good pictures when you have gorgeous subjects!

SegoLily said...

I'll try to stop by! I really want to but sometimes life gets in the way.

That last shot is FABULOUS!!

kellieanne said...

Erin is a miracle worker! I had a two year old from Hades that day and she somehow was able to get pictures of all of us together! Thank you,thank you, thank you! You did an awesome job.

As for the remodeling, I could use some hands on experience. I'll be over soon!

karina said...

You guys are doing A LOT!!!! Sorry that we can't come help. We're both trying to catch-up with school and stay on top of it before finals. You know how that is! Good luck. We'll come over if we can get caught-up.

Mike, Allie, Madie & Gavin said...

Hey my name is Allison. I'm friends with Haley Hale. She posted pictures that you had taken of her family on her blog. Their so cute! So I was curious how much you charge she said that you were trying to build up your portfolio. Were dying to get family pictures taken soon atleast before the holidays and wanted to find out more information. My email is Sorry for bugging you if its too big of a deal or you really busy etc. dont worry about it. Thanks!

Crazyjuggler said...

Hey, Erin. Josh wants you to instroduce him to the young woman with the blonde hair when you have a minute. He thinks she is quite a lovely lady and looks about the right age. As for myself, I still want you to take pictures of our family. Let me knkow when you have time (hahaha I know) and we will make ourselves available.
Love ya, Stacie

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