Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Day 2: The Summerill Slam

Here is the new view from the living room. You can see all the way through the dining room and kitchen. You can see the door to the side of the house. This way, the home will be more open and have better flow.
This picture is taken from the dining room. Where there used to be a wall seperating the dining room and the kitchen, there is now nothing. This is the wall that I was hacking on yesterday.
Here is a new view of the bathroom. Right now there is a big hole to the bedroom, but there will be a door between the bedroom and the bathroom and then there will also be a wall seperating a master bathroom from the 1/2 bathroom.
Here is Henry doing his best to help us clean up all the construction rubble. At one point, he hacked at a wall for 10 minutes to help us take down one of the old bathroom walls.

Here is a view from the master bedroom into the old bathroom. There will be a doorway into the bathroom from the master bedroom.


SegoLily said...

Erin I am SO jealous that you are in there knocking out walls. I want to knock out walls!! I need to come by and see what's up. Will you teach me how to remodel if I offer free labor? :smile:

Judy said...

You guys move fast! Very impressed.

piglet26 said...

hahahaha...anybody who offers free labor is welcome anytime!

Shari said...

I am so glad you are documenting your work and progress. Since we aren't close by it is great to see what you are up to!
Love Shari

Marcie said...

Look at you guys go! I'm sure the end result will be beautiful, just like your last house there.

Bobbi said...

Erin, you NEVER cease to amaze me. I admire your ambition. Seriously. I would never have the guts to take on a project this big. And I mean it when I say I have no doubt you will make it look awesome! I can't wait to see the finished product. Go, Erin!!

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