Friday, July 20, 2007

Crazy Pumpkin on the Loose!

Today I was away from the house for just over an hour. When I returned Mark came to me and told me that he had a crazy story for me. He said that he had placed Theodore on the downstairs carpeted area to play and had gone up to the computer to work on business. A short while later he heard the distinct shuffling/padding of little baby hands and knees on hard wood and then a few loud banging sounds. Apparently our little Theo had climbed the half flight of stairs to the main level of the home, crawled over to the kitchen and began pulling items out of my cupboards....AGGGHHH! Can you believe that? Now my cupboards were totally unorganized and I had to spend all that time re-organizing my cupboards. If that baby is going to climb the stairs and crawl around the house unattended, he should at least learn that he should NEVER mess up my cupboards. hehehehehe...ok really, he shouldn't be climbing stairs unattended...I know.

Also I know it isn't Halloween yet, but being the bargain yard saler that I am, I found this little costume for 2 bucks and I had to buy it, and put it on my little Teddy right away, and then make him crawl around in it, and then laugh endlessly at his little pudgy pumpkin butt moving around the house.
Get this off of me right now you bunch of Nutters! --Theodore's Thoughts


Nikki said...

hehe. I love it. Whenever I find costumes I let the kids try them on even if it's not Halloween yet.

JayandCassandra said...

You're so mean!! I can tell he LOVES playing dress up by the look of his face in the second picture!!! Poor guy, mom laughing at him all the time!! lol

jase said...

I love how the costume accentuates his chubby round face, he is a cute little pumpkin. You should be the cook and mark could be a pie....I like it.

haley said...

"Baby Dore" as Emma calls him, looks so cute in that outfit! Did he see any of my cupboard friends while he was down there??? hehehe!

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