Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Back to Hawaii

If you didn't know, I took a quick trip to Utah on a whim. Having realized that I had a flight voucher that was about to expire and trying to ward off increasing signs of post partum, I took a quick jaunt to visit my family and friends. When I first got to Utah, I spent an evening of what I thought was going to be scrapbooking with a group of friends, but when I arrived, I realized that most of the women were quilting! Of course I am one to follow the croud (ha ha) so I went home that evening and announced to my mom that I would like to make a quilt. It wasn't long before I found a pattern that I felt I could tackle and cute material out of my mom's never-ending stash. In the first evening, under the direction of my mom, I was able to cut out most of my pieces and begin sewing them together. Over the next few days while my mom was at work, I went to Ella's, my former scrapbooking/beading buddy who also turned quilter, house to complete the piecing together. Ella was great to abandon her projects to assist me. After I finished the piecing, my mom helped me hook up the quilt top to the batting and bottom on the quilting machine so I could machine quilt it...I have decided that this is my favorite part. I was able to use her machine quilter to create stitch designs all over my quilt. I made, swirly lines, hearts, flowers and of course, hidden messages!!! I wrote all the names of my boys and other thoughts throughout the quilt. If you look closely at the picture, you can see part of Theodore's name. The quilt I made is twin size, so I could use it in the boys' room.
In fact, I had so much fun, that while I was there I also picked up fabric to make three more projects, and quilting tools (of course in pink)! Happy Quilting! Aren't these brown and blues cute? I love polka dots, so for each of my next few projects, I got polkadot prints to match each project. These blue and brown prints are going to just make a throw.
I love the "dick and jane" style kid prints. I am going to make a cute pottery barn style quilt for the boys' bedroom.
I absolutely love these colors, and eventhough I don't have a girl, I am going to make a pretty pink and green quilt for my bedroom.


All Andersens said...

I just love the quilts that you guys all have made (You, your mom, sisters etc.). I wish I knew how :)

Tammy said...

Erin--you should be quite proud. You quilt looks fabuloso. I can't wait to see the others finished! You are still my scrapbook hero though, my inspiration and motivation to not give it up totally! Utah already feels more empty with you gone.......

Marcie said...

Your quilt looks great- and I especially love the names and hidden messages!

Shayleen Lunt said...

I am so impressed with your first quilt. I love that you put messages in the stitching. Your future quilts are going to be beautiful. Wish you could show me how to tackle something like that!

Leslie said...

I can't believe you made a whole quilt that fast. I'm still working on one I started when I was pregnant with Anna - seriously.
I'll have to snatch yours when I come visit.

gurrbonzo said...

what the domestic diva.

Johnson Journal said...

I'm having a girl. You can make her a pink quilt if you want. I WANT TO GO TO HAWAII!!!!!!!!!!!!

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