Monday, March 12, 2012

Secret 24 of 100

I'm a geek. 

I know, surprising right? Here's the thing. I feel like I just hit puberty--in the geekiest way possible.

Evidence? Here it is: 
1. I've noticed a strange smell. As in body odor smell coming from my pits! Shocking, I know. I've never worn deodorant. Even after a sweat-drenching workout, my pits don't stink. That is, up till a few months ago they didn't. But things are changing. And by "things" I mean my hormones, because every now and then my underarms smell. 

2. Zits. In high school I had three. I remember them well because they were traumatic. But as of late, it seems like three zits have become my forehead's standard. Ewwww! It's so gross. Can you recommend a good face wash? Apparently my bar soap and water just aren't cutting it. 

3. I'm a brace-face. At first I was stoked about the idea of straightening my teeth and fixing my bite. I'm still stoked, but I'm not loving how un-awesome I look. Every time I look in the mirror I repeat, "This too shall pass."

4. My confidence is shaken. Usually I feel pretty good about who I am. But last night I spent an hour on the phone with crit-partner Jessie listening to her positive affirmations. Next to Stuart Smalley, Jessie is the best. 

Should we ever meet, make sure you keep my geekiness a secret . . . at least when we're talking face to face. Then I'll really feel like I've returned to high school


Iain said...

Just think - When you're writing about teenagers experiences, they'll be very fresh :oD

A. said...

Are you kidding? it seems like many adults have braces these days. As a kid it's geeky (at least to other kids..not to loving parents), but as an adult it's just plain cool!

As for zits, diet plays apart. Dont' go to bed with wet hair, use warm water (not hot or cold). Sorry...other than that, I'm out. lol

Aubrey said...

Erin if you're a geek I am pond scum! You are one of the most awesome people I know! LOVE YOU! And I CANNOT WAIT to see you on Thursday!

ilima said...

Omigosh you are too cute. Excited to be in Elana's class together. *new follower*

Kathryn Purdie said...

I love your brace face! It's so much cuter when it's not on your own face. I got braces when I was 20, and I remember sitting up from the chair at the orthodontics office and looking in the mirror and thinking, "I've turned into a monster." Yes, it will pass, and in the meantime, know the rest of us think you look cute.

Cristina said...

do you know that I've only started sweating about a year ago? it must be hormones. it sucks, I hate to have to wear deodorant.

also, you're still super cute with your braces!

J. A. Bennett said...

You are so freaking cute! I love your guts!

Kate said...

You are the cutest geek that I've ever seen!!! Although I am a sucker for geeks.

tammy said...

Erin--no one could rock braces like you do! And really, the drool thing will come under control with time. I hope your mouth stops hurting, because that's honestly the worst part. I think you will start a trend because you look so adorable with braces!

Buy Cetaphil face wash. It's the best.

As for the bo, I've got nothin' I've never smelled anything bad on you so maybe it's in your head...

Jeremy Bates said...

Geekism is not a disease, it is an attribute! I mean, you wouldn't want to go around to meetings and declare, "Hi, I'm Erin and I'm a geek."

As far as changes, life is a bowl of alphabet cereal and each bite we devour effects change.

It sounds as if you are "rolling with the changes" and dealing aptly. The braces look cool.

Jenny S. Morris said...

My SIL is like you, she never has stinky pits. LOL. And you look SO cute in your picture!

Kevin and Robin said...

You're a babe! Amen to the cetaphil recommendation and clinique has a really good skin care line.

Alleged Author said... are awesome! I had braces and they were a pain in the...umm...mouth. Yeah, mouth.

Emily R. King said...

I've worn glasses since first grade. And I was a band geek. I feel you, Erin!

Jessie Humphries said...

Was that a whole hour on the phone? Man, I'm long-winded! That's hilarious how we blogged about another today...we should do a glamour shot together and post that!

cherie said...

You are the cutest geek evah! Man, it's not even fair. I went to geek school (government-sponsored science and technology high school, where we tackled curriculums beyond our teenage understanding. Ha!) so I'm certifiably geek. Though I didn't have braces, I did have to battle zits in my teen days (and again with the pregnancy. Bleh!)

Peggy Eddleman said...

Haha! That pic is the bomb! Seriously. When you get a book deal, USE THAT PICTURE in the back of your books.

And on the smell: whatev! You can be sweating from head to toe after teaching aerobics and still not smell. I believe you when I smell you.

Rachel Pudelek said...

After I went to FaerieCon dressed up as a fairy, my husband said I was officially a bigger nerd than him.

Leigh Covington said...

Oh my gosh! You are so NOT a geek. You freaking rock - as long as you come back to my blog, that is :) And I am laughing so freaking hard about your pits! Bahaha!
And don't get me started on zits! Ex:
my daughter: mom. You know how you get those bumpers on your face?

me: (not happy) yeah.

daughter: you should get proactive.

me: mad face.

Maggie said...

Sorry for the return to puberty, but on the flip side, you LOOK super young too (in a good way, not just because the braces), and that's always a good thing. :)

David P. King said...

You're rock'n those braces! I can't say I'm a geek, though. A nerd, sure. That's what I get for having straight teeth. :)

Sarah Pearson said...

You say geek like it's a bad thing. My two daughters are geeks (self-labelled) and incredibly proud of the fact.

I knew the braces would make you look cute :-)

Amanda said...

"Your good enough, your smart enough and dog gone it people like you!!" - G.S.

I can't believe I was the first to quote him!! O and it could be worse...... Try being a red head with headgear and freckles.... Yea that was hot... I use to pretend that I had super powers and could spit fireballs out of it. :) Who am I kidding I still think I have that power.

Amanda said...

Sorry S.S.

Keisha Azzalea said...

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