Monday, October 12, 2009

Bruno Family : Utah Family Photography

Ok, holy photography bonanza Batman!  I just finished editing my last shoot before I jump on the plane tomorrow for a Wedding shoot in New Zealand.  I feel like I can take a huge breath of fresh air.  Well, except now I have to start packing. 

On a side note, Thanks cool Bruno Family.  I had a fun time hanging out with you all on the rickety bridge, and hiking through the boonies.  You guys were awesome to follow me into the wilderness.  Your pictures rock, and I love them!

luv, erin


Tara said...

Miss Erin I am so loving your photography. I really want you to take some pics of my family. We will be back in Utah in December or next July. And we have a little song for you too:

We love you Erin, oh yes we do.
We love you Erin, and we'll be true.
Please take our photo's, please do,
Oh Erin we love you!!

So what do you think? Could you pencil us in? I will give you a call soon.
Have fun in New Zealand, soooo jealous!!

JoMamma said...

Great pictures. I hope you are having fun far far away from us.

Ella said...

great pics! love that baby, he is cute with a capital C!!!!

Anonymous said...

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