Monday, August 17, 2009

The Climb

Is it cheesy that I love the song "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus? I'll just have to live with that, the cheesiness that is, because I love it. It's inspiring and so true.

I started doing aerobics 13 years ago after I graduated high school and gained the freshmen 30. Seriously. That's no joke. All of a sudden...or not so sudden...I found that my jeans didn't fit. That's a feeling I DON'T LIKE. At some point in your life you may have felt the same. If so, you can identify. It's depressing. Yucky.

A few girls down the hall in my hale (dorm) were attending the aerobics classes at BYU-H. I went along with them and HATED it. Really. It was horrid. My face was bright red, sweat poured down my brow like I was standing in a rain storm, and I couldn't breathe. I wanted to leave. And I almost did. But something stopped me.

The Whack aerobic instructor yelled, "Isn't this great? I love it." She loves it? WTF? She must be taking crack. But still, the nutty comment made me think. Does she really feel that way? How would it feel to love working out?

Right then and there I decided to continue working out until I LOVED it too.

4 months after I started going, another early morning attendee mentioned that I'd lost so much weight. I looked at myself in the mirror. I hadn't even noticed. Wow. I lost weight. But the funny thing was, I still HATED working out, getting up every morning, and going to the classes.
So I kept on, keeping on. I would go until I 'loved' it.

It took a year. One morning, as I was preparing to go to aerobics, I realized that I couldn't wait to get there. I needed my release. My Release? Wow, I'd come a long way. And as I looked back over the last year, I realized that in some twisted sense, I had fun. I enjoyed it, and I certainly liked my new fit self. It was then that I took the steps to become an aerobic instructor.

So now when you come to my class and I say something like, "Good times at aerobics. Isn't this fun?" Just know that I fully mean it.

Tip of the Day: Do it till you Love it, and try to enjoy it along the way.


JoMamma said...

I love when you yell out "this is fun" at that point I think Erin must be on crack.

Thanks for pushing me. I need it.

Marcie said...

Go, Erin! You rock. :) said...

Beautifully put....I didn't love it at first either. But it is teachers like you that keep my love for it going strong!

Kahilau said...

oh how i wish i lived closer so I could go to your classes EVERYDAY! Was the aerobics instructor Moana Benevedias when you were going at BYU-H? She made me love aerobics and when she left I was so sad till i found you years later! so, even if I can;t go I am so glad that you are still teaching!

Piglet de' Erin said...

Ha ha! That is awesome that you remember her. I loved her.

Weight Family said...

Hmm, I kinda really needed to hear that. I wrote a lot more, but just deleted it all. Apparently, I have a lot to say about that, but a comment on a blog is not the place.
PS- not cheesy that you love Miley Cyrus's song, I love that whole freakin' sound track!

Jocie said...

yeah, and i'm so glad you teach aerobics... even if I have yet to come to a class still!! ahhh soon??

Melony said...

I love it too but it took me a while too..I think that is normal! :D

HAPPY DAYS said...

lol erin you always look good! i know what you mean about geting up in the moring and working out i hate it to but i know its worth it in the end love u love alaina!

John Ivie said...

Did you really just say, "WTF?" Really?!!

Piglet de' Erin said...

Aubrie! ha ha...doesn't that mean what the freak?

haley said...

I love that song, too. I just don't tell anyone. And I love working out on the weight machines at my gym. I like the next-day-hurt.

Nick and Emily said...

i like this a lot. It's nice to see you're human too.

Sherry said...

Having 4 girls we've watched that movie about 4 times since it came out YESTERDAY. LOVE the song and sorry to say LOVED the movie. Totally cheesy but darling. How would it be if our ONLY decision was "should I be Miley or should I be Hannah?"

Nailah Saida said...

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