Thursday, March 05, 2009


I just finished the editing for this shoot and totally loved the pics. I'm not going lie, I was a little nervous because she was a little sad that day, but man, she ROCKED the shots. Way to go Gracie!!! Here they are...let me know what you think. I always love feedback positive or negative...but really I just love positive...hahahaha


Kristina P. said...


Nick and Emily said...

man, that mom totally knows how to dress her babe. what cute outfits. and i love the bow and tutu shots. how the bow totally matches. it's great.

AJoyfulBabyBowtique said...

Great shots! Jenny, Gracie's mom, is my best friend, and you did a wonderful job! :)

sanaejames photography said...

great pics Erin!

So said...

I like the Minnie Ears one but my fave is the one just before that one. I love the light in her eyes and they way her body is turned. Love it.

Ticklemedana said...

ha ha..being that I am brown and don't yet have kids, it always cracks me up to see all the headbands that white people put on their baby girls so people KNOW that they are girls...hee kids will have a ridiculous amount of hair but that's beside the are an awesome photographer!

Tammy said...

I love every single one!~ Her outfits are adorable!

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