Monday, March 02, 2009


DUE TO THE FACT THAT today my little Ruby-Doobie is 4 months old, I will depart from my normal Monday's Fit Tip Mania, and dedicate this blog post to the secret joys of motherhood.

My List of Motherhood Joy - that you too may have found 'joyful'

1. The Sweet Aroma of Babies - Yesterday I nuzzled up to Ruby taking in a deep whiff of her sweet scent. Sweet Scent, I THINK NOT! Gag, I nearly puked when I realized that sometime in the last 48 hours (since her last bath) baby spit-up or puke had been trapped between the skin folds of her neck. PEEEE-UUUU!

2. The New Hair-Do - Who says naturally thick luscious hair is in? I love my constantly shedding, thinned out post baby do. I don't need to spend loads of money on getting my hair cut and thinned. It does it for me. Haven't you heard, Bald is the new Beautiful...and I'm frontin' the style.

3. Enjoying the Latest Styles - Remember that great trend from the 80's where one would tuck in his/her t-shirt and then slightly pull it out so it blouses over one's pants? Obviously (having observed the return of skinny leg jeans and jelly shoes) the 80's styles are all the rage. I am one up on this fad, my super saggy momma belly blouses over my jeans just perfectly, giving my tight shade shirt that great 80's look.

4. Stopping to enjoy the Sweets - The sweet smell of Diet Pepsi, that is. Thanks to my darling dear baby, I am able to enjoy sleepless nights...which in turn gives me the get up and go to chug down gallons of Diet Pepsi to make it through my day.

5. Truly Enjoying each Outing - Sometimes the juggle of 4 kids makes dating almost impossible, so when we're given the chance to attend the MC HAMMER/VANILLA ICE concert, we jump on it. Literally, either the concert ROCKED my world, or we seriously haven't been out in a long time...either way, we sure did enjoy time away from our little brood.



Kristina P. said...

Yeah, I'm thinking that the Bumpit won't be a help with your new thinning do.

So said...

I was wondering when the "bloused" look was coming back! WOOT!

Glad you had fun at the concert. It makes a huge difference being able to get out and go.

yoga mama said...

amen to # 1 and 2! i was cracking up as I was reading your post. said...

I am so jealous you guys got to go to that concert. I debated on getting tickets for me and my hubby...then we made other plans. I asked him about it later and he said he would have love to have gone...sigh....

Carterista said...

What about long baggy shirts with tight leggings? That's what would look great on me!!

PS What is a Bumpit? Time to google...

Carterista said...

Okay...I saw it. Now who wants to go in on an order with me?

sanaejames photography said...

We were thinking of going to the MC Hammer/Vanilla Ice concert, too...did we totally miss out or what? do dish....

Bobbi said...

MC Hammer & Vanilla Ice?! I AM SO JEALOUS!!! That would've been a concert to remember!!! How crazy fun is that?!

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