Monday, February 23, 2009

THE GREAT SLIM DOWN: in the trenches

What week are we on? Can you believe we started this the beginning of January? If you are anything like me and my attention deficit ways, then I am sure you have had your ups and downs.
For some, this is the easiest time to stay on track...they've already fought past the first few weeks of committing to a making lifestyle changes, and now they are on a roll.

Or, you could be the other end of he stick where every day seems to steam roll you before you are even past this whole healthy lifestyle change a little too daunting?

FEAR NOT! I like to remind myself that each day is a new day...and when that doesn't work, I try other things to pick up my mood.

1. Go on a walk - the best thing to fight the winter blues is to get out side and get moving...even if the sky is cloudy and gray. Just the crisp air and the rush of endorphins can help you get on track.

2. Eat a grapefruit - why? well besides the fact that they taste great...they are packed with fiber. There is nothing like getting the whole 'system' moving to make you feel a little better.

3. Call your buddy - I have a certain buddy that I like to call for motivation when I'm lacking it. Sometimes she is doing just as bad and we commiserate together...and sometimes she has the awesomest pep talk. But, either way, it's always just what I need.

ASK THE AUDIENCE: What do you do to get past a lull? A Plateau? A Down Day...week...month?


Kristina P. said...

I am not a good person to ask. Although, I do drink a lot of water.

haley said...

I got one of those super cool Camelbak water bottles (with the straw and the silicone bitey thing). I try to drink three of those a day (one is 24 ounces)of water. That helps to fill me up, keep me hydrated, and get through the night. (I don't eat past 7:30, but I can drink all the water I want! Although sometimes I want anything but water...)

Leslie said...

I've been plugging along though I think I need to get exercising more than the 20 minutes a day I've been doing. I just wanted to focus on making that a habit again and now that I've been sticking with it pretty good I know I need to kick in weights and more cardio. Last week I had lost 5.4 total and I'm hoping to reach at least a total of 7 tomorrow at weigh in.

A. said...

What do I do to get past a lull? Weigh myself! Nothing says, "Get movin'!" like reality.

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