Thursday, March 06, 2008


If you are just starting today, or you are going to start soon, I congratulate you! I look forward to your posts and your daily inspirations.

TRUTH: I love sugar. I was surprised that the first day we started the challenge, Monday, was actually the hardest for me. It was 7pm and I realized that I had only earned 5 points for the day. How could I wimp out on my own challenge. After an inner struggle for 20 minutes, I kicked my butt away from the computer and I popped in my insane DVD copy of P90x (the craziest home workout video you can find). After an hour of cardio and toning, I felt relieved that I could mark off two points! Yeah Victory. I felt so good about those two points. I jumped my first obstacle.

On the other hand, in the same day, I ate an orange with breakfast, a banana for a snack, and salad with lunch and dinner, knocking off my veggie/fruit point. Alas, as I closed the fridge the little brown mouthed daemon in my cupboard called to me, eat me erin, eat me! And I did. No, I am not sad about it because I earned other points that make me happy, but I will have to try to not let Mr. Chocolate get the best of me next time.


How have you done so far? Share your story in the 'thoughts' link below.


SuperCoolMom said...

Well, Happy Anniversary! I'm one of Nikki's blogstalkers. I may have to check out your fitness challenge - I could certainly use some outside motivation and accountability!

Have a fun day!

Brenda said...

Ahhh.. Chocolate.... It is my downfall as well, but thanks to this yummy recipie I can have it in a little healthier way.

"Mock Frosty"
1c skim milk
2Tbsp Sugar Free, Fat Free Chocolate pudding mix (the powder)
2 heaping Tbsp sugar free, fat free cool whip
8 ice cubes (or so)

Blend in your blender... Thanks to the pudding it gets thick, just like those at Wendy's.

shelly said...

I'm going to be a hard case, Erin, but I'm motivated and ready! I'm 50 (not ready to say 51 later this month), and way, way, way overweight. Embarrassingly so. My husband & I joined the gym (again) last Friday, and started Monday.
I started your challenge on, I'm feeling stronger -- emotionally AND physically! How about that! I'm really, really trying to earn all the points possible. I'm having lots of trouble, though, with eating after 7:30 -- also, not quite drinking ALL 64 oz. I've had a sugar (or lack of) headache for a couple of days. Still craving massively! BUT, I've been succeeding on the fruits & veggies, breakfast, etc. Yay! And, my husband is being "good" with me, so that helps like nothing else. So, THANK YOU, Erin, for motivating me to get up, start moving, and eating healthy to make a better and happier me!

shelly said...
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Carolyn said...

Erin, I am interested in your crazy work out video...are you working out at home or are you at the gym again...I feel like I don't know where to start, when it comes to the working out thing. What do I do if I don't have a pass to the local gym with a pregnant, little teacher who lifts barbells!! (aka Erin) She was the one who told me when to jump and what to do! The other points I think I can handle! --

kellieanne said...

Erin will have to share some of the spotlight today, because Shelly, you are motivating to me!! I can't quite make the commitment to going head on into Erin's challenge yet. However, your comments make me want to take the leap. Now if I could just make my body follow where my mind is going . . .

Tammy said...

Shelly--I know myself well enough to know that challenges like this are not for me. I also know that I secretly wish they were! Just reading your post made me say Horray! Horray! for you and I hope you succeed for yourself and the sake of motivating the rest of us SLACKERS! 51 is beautiful!! You go Shelly!

Cahokia said...

I'm excited...I earned 3 points on MOnday and 4 points on Tuesday and I just joined yesterday! LOL. I love the anonymity of reporting to people I don't know and hearing people say "You're doing great" when they have no obligations, you know? It's exciting and thanks for starting this!

Cahokia said...

oh...and Brenda...I'm TOTALLY using that Mock Frosty recipe!!!

Carterista said...

Ditto! You're recipe sounds great, Brenda. I'm going to try it with light soy milk.

I came home from work today feeling stressed. I dug into the secret hiding place in my pantry and my husband had finished our Costco box of candy bars! Right after that, by coincidence, I went to Costco and I DIDN'T buy any candy bars!!!
Thanks, Erin. I'm getting lots of points, so I hope there's a prize waiting for me...Ü

James Family said...

I decided that I will start on Monday. I printed out your fit challenge weekly sheet and have it on my refrigerator. I seriously need to get myself back....I have let myself go for far too long....thanks for the motiviation erin!

shelly said...

Wow - thanks Kellianne and Tammy! Normally, I would not have paid much attention to the challenge -- it would have been ONE MORE THING I just couldn't think about. But, this came at exactly the right time for me(thank you, Erin!) ...I've been working up to the motivation for a month now, and was ready. I'm going all the way! You heard it here:)

I'm Natalie. said...

Richie and I have P90x!

Thanks for making my mom-in-law Shelly so excited to work out!

Bobbi said...

I knew that resisting the chocolate walnut chunk brownie mix in my pantry would be difficult. I knew that not eating after 7:30 would be tough. (I love to snack after the kids are in bed) I did not, however, realize how impossible it would be to get 7 hours of sleep at night!!! Last night, I was off to a good start. The kids were all in bed by 8:00 SHARP!! I had Tivo'ed "Idol" and "Lost" and got done watching them by 9:30pm. (BTW I am in SHOCK that Danny and Asia'h got the boot. That is T.M.T.H.!) Off to bed I went, confident that I would get my sleep point for the day. At 10:00, however, my dear husband decided to start packing for his trip to Texas that he would take the next day. At 11:00 p.m., my 5-month-old decided to wake up for a mid-night feeding. At 4:00a.m., my 5-year-old tiptoed into my room and whispered, "Mom, I peed the bed". At 4:30a.m., my baby woke up AGAIN for another feeding. At 5am, my husband's alarm went off, telling him that it was time to head to the airport. At 5:15am, my husband tapped me on the shoulder and whispered, "Bobbi, I can't find my car keys. Do you know where yours are?" Then, at 6am, my 4-year-old crawled into my bed and asked, "Mom, can I sleep with you?" By 6:30am, I felt relieved that the night was finally over, gave up on sleep, and decided I'd better get started with the day. Lucky for me, the Get-Fit rules never stated that the 7 hours of sleep had to be consecutive. Perhaps I can sneak a quick nap in this afternoon and make up for the deficit from last night.

Bobbi said...

Okay, so I just weighed myself for the first time since starting the challenge, and I am THRILLED to report that for the first time since 2006, I have officially hit my pre-pregnancy weight!! Woo Hoo!! Thanks, Erin, for getting me back on track. I was beginning to think those last 2.5 lbs. would never come off!! What a surprise!!! This is so exciting!!!

shelly said...

I had kind of a BAD weekend -- eating-wise...grrr! What to do when your daughter and son-in-law come for only two days, and it's not a real trip for them (or me) unless we get Mexican, and it's also her birthday??? Okay, there ARE things I could do other than what I did, but I wasn't strong enough :( But, thankfully, Monday's here again!

shelly said...

Oh yeah...and my visiting teacher caught me at church and handed me a HUGE bag of Dove chocolate eggs?? After I told her last Sunday I was working on losing weight...what the??? I must be stronger.

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