Friday, February 15, 2008

Did you have a sweet Valentine's Day?

Was your Valentine's day especially sweet? Yesterday, Mark and I decided to not fight the long restaurant lines, and we had a gourmet dinner at home with a few friends. We played how well do you know your spouse' and ate Fresh Herb Penne, Seasoned Ribs, Parmesan Rolls and Strawberry Brownie Chunk Trifle! The meal was divine and the company was a riot. Then at the end of the evening, I recieved this taste-bud temptation of a treat from a special valentine. This caramel apple tops all caramel apples. What special thing did you do or recieve yesterday?


Judy said...

It wasn't me.

Tammy said...

They don't even sell those at Thanksgiving Point. Jason said so. Wrong again Summerill!!!!

Tammy said...

Thanks for taking a picture. Now maybe I can actually eat mine without crying....

Carterista said...

I LOVE the white backgrounds!!! I should put a little more effort into mine. But for now, I'm going to steal some of your photos and post them on my blog. Thanks in advance. Ü

Aulia Putri Aprilio said...

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