Friday, January 25, 2008

Book Tip:

Don't spend your time reading lame, boring, crappy books.

Tip #2: I just finished two great books, that were recommended to me by a dear friend, celia. These books both turned out to be 5 out of 5 stars and I couldn't put them down.

Book 1: Before Midnight 'A Retelling of Cinderella' by Cameron Dokey

This book is full of suspense and intrigue. At 2-3 hours, this book is definitely a quick read. I thoroughly enjoyed the play on the original Cinderella story and the authors addition of main characters. You will not be disappointed with this novel.

Book 2: The Burning Within by Ranelle Wallace

This book is a true story, written by the woman who endured through all the trials mentioned in the novel. This is not a 'drag you down', 'make you feel depressed' type of novel. No, it is the opposite. After reading the novel, I felt inspired to write my new year's 'to be's'. I enjoyed how the author led up to each event, sharing personal history and reflection. I was drawn to this story and could not put it down. This book is a must read!


Carterista said...

You're welcome! When are you going to give it back? :)

Just SO said...

Those both sound good!

TAG! I've tagged you go see my blog to see what's up.

Leslie said...

I just figured out how to use my library's online request system so I can find more books than the one room library in my town offers. I was thrilled to see they have the second book you talked about. They don't have the first but they have others by that author.