Saturday, November 03, 2007


What do a VAMPIRE, OVEN, A FISH....and an odor eater have in common?

Answer: They can all save your life when you least expect it....thank you very much.


Amy said...

I'm so going to need details on this one. :D

OHANA said... that EDWARD we are thinking about? I hope so....the rest I haven't figured out yet.

Carterista said...

What IT does, THEY do.

JayandCassandra said...

LOL, thanks Erin I needed a good laugh and there's nothing like a bit of randomness to make me chuckle.

Peggy said...

Kristine and I were trying to figure out the riddle, and this is what we think: Kellie is the vampire (see previous "bat is out of the bag" post), her husband, Carp is the fish, Tammy is the oven (she has a bun in hers), and, thanks to a little help :), Cecilia with her super powers is the odor eater... All people who helped out tons in Mark's and Erin's house Saturday afternoon! And, Erin, you are definitely making sure you always retain your crown as the queen of randomness!

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