Thursday, March 01, 2007

Theodore's Limerick!

Playful, rotund and pudgy,
I love toys soft and squdgie.
I squeeze them and coo-
Coating them with drool,
I'm Theodore: cuddly and luvie.

Daddy's sleeping on the bed,
Trying hard to rest his head.
Not letting him sleep,
I'm louder than a peep,
I'm Theodore: waker of the dead!

The sleeper will soon be awake,
To a, it's no mistake.
Yellow buttery goo,
My diaper leaks the ooze,
I'm Theodore: a mess I did make!!!

(Nikki, this one is to be entered in your contest!!!)


Pop said...

I love the cheerful pics of Teddy. They match the limerick. Have a nice day on the beach. Bye . . .

crazysumms said...

That is such an awesome poem. It seems to fit Teddy very well.

Nikki said...

I love limericks! It's a wonderful limerick but it doesn't talk about a ducky towel or me turning thirty. Unless the "peep" part or the "yellow buttery" but definitely not "goo" part. And you have to enter in my comment section. Write more! You could win! And the yellow hooded ducky towels are much nicer now that the one I made for George back when the earth's crust was cooling.

Enter by clicking here

Nikki said...

I don't know why the link didn't work.
So, just paste this into the address line to go to the contest:

Nikki said...

I see you updated your limerick in my contest. It's so cute! You should put it in your scrapbook with Theodore pics surrounding it.

Amy said...

Cute! You are good at that.

McMullin Mugs said...

You think Theo delivered a mess... You should have seen the mess in the cockpit of that airplane after that turn. The windows don't roll down.

Yea, someone looked at our blog and sent a comment within minutes of our posting it.

We are still working on coming to visit. Keep praying for us to find the funds to pull it off.

jetcrew said...

i love your poo story. The love we can feel anywhere at anytime in the world is amazing. We all have one thing in common the use of a bathroom. Love, Kari
You gave me a great laugh today!

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