Friday, October 27, 2006

Happy Halloween!!!

Tonight was our ward party. I was lucky to find a bunch of costumes at a yard sale this past weekend...I was on the hunt for baby items, but I found a lot of great other things. I picked up George and Henry's superhero costumes for 2 dollars each. If you haven't guessed it, I am dressed as "Super" mom, and Theodore is my homemade pumpkin pie. Mark wasn't at the party because he has school in the evening.

Here is Henry showing his super power.

George loves his batman is a picture of him in mid air as he "flies" from the top step to the bottom.

Here are my two superheros standing on the small wall protecting our home.


Pop said...

Great pics. Wow, those costumes look really good on the boys. George is sure getting taller. We need more pics of the family and Hawaii. Happy trick or treat.

Leslie said...

I don't know how you find such great deals all the time! I finally gave in (since I didn't get around to sewing any yet) and bought Christian a batman costume (just like Henry's!) for 18 bucks at Walmart, which seemed pricey for Walmart.

Leslie said...
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JayandCassandra said...

I told you! Superman!!! George makes a great Batman too!!! Happy Halloween!!! Eat lots of candy!!! Love you guys, Jay and Cass.

Marcie said...

You should have been dressed as the "Yard Sale Queen!" Check out our blog- Gavin has the same costume as George! We borrowed it from a friend of his and Gwenyth is wearing one of the several hand-me-down (but in great shape) Disney costumes from her cousins! It's the way to go!

lovin' my 6 said...

Awesome Halloween costumes!!! You look awesome less than a month after giving birth. Love to see what you are up to.

Anonymous said...

You really are super mom! You went yard sale hunting only one week after having a baby? What? Are you crazy? Great finds though!

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