Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My friend Sarah, a teacher at the high school I taught at, and her sister Rachel, decided to throw me a baby shower. I was so grateful to them, because I hadn't expected a baby shower with my third boy and I had already recieved some wonderful gifts from my great Pleasant Grove Wives Club. I have to say that I am just so thankful for these wonderful women that are such good friends. In fact, I am so lucky to have such amazing, special, talented and great-hearted friends here and in Utah!
I just wanted to say thanks to all my friends on this blog and share a typical "my life" story...

Saturday night, I got ready and put on make-up for the first time in a couple weeks. It seems like such a task to look good when you are enormously pregnant. My cousins Anela and Sarah went with me to the baby shower and when we arrived I was so over-joyed because my friend Sara had bought me a beautiful full orchid rolled lei for my baby shower! The lei just lifted my spirits and made me feel prettier than I had been feeling in quite some time. Well, after the shower started, and all the women were sitting around talking I moved in my seat just a little to talk to a girl sitting next to me (Nadia) when all of a sudden, my self esteem was dashed to pieces...the chair underneath me collapsed to the floor...it had broken in half with the weight of my pregnant body!!! Everyone in the shower stopped talking and just stared...I think everyone was stunned and noone knew exactly what to say. So I just started laughing and then everyone at the shower started laughing and we all had probably a 10 minute laugh of hysterics. So just as a word of encouragement to others, if you are feeling large and uncomfortable with your body, just think, it could be worse, you could be breaking chairs like me!

(Here are some great gals from Hawaii, the famous Carol F., Joni, Jackie, Me, Robin and Sophia)

(My cousin is the far left, Sarah who threw the shower is next to her, she is holding a baby girl, Mariko, in the middle, is the baby's mother and a teacher from the high school, and then Tara and Pualei are in my single mother's club)....(OH, I am not single, but since Mark is gone from Mon-Fri and I only see him on the weekends, I sometimes feel like a single mother)


Marcie said...

Erin- You crack me up! It just shows what a good sense of humor you have to not only share your embarrassing story, but to post a pic of it as well! I can just hear you laughing at yourself! And by the way, that chair looks pretty flimsy to me and you are the opposite of huge! So glad you got another shower- every baby/mother deserves one! :)

Leslie said...

I can't believe you broke the chair! At least you can say you were pregnant and that was why. I could see it happening to me non-pregnant!!!