Saturday, September 10, 2005

Hello Pleasant Grove Wives Club

Here I sit on a Saturday Night,
the weather is hot and my clothes are tight.
But not because I am gaining weight,
but because it's Hawaii and I'm not on a date...
no, I am sitting in my house with my cousin Aley
He is married and his baby is Audrey.
Although I don't have friends here in Hawaii,
I am not lonely because I have my family.

I realize that I miss my friends
that live in Utah and don't wear depends.
Because they are heart
hahaha and they never F@#T!!!

Now I am laughing a lot harder,
because my friend is Cecilia Carter
and her name rhymes with farter,
but she prefers Cecilia the Darter (away from danger)

Then I miss my dear sweet Ella
Who's husband is a 1/2 naked fella.
Tammy's a married to a Merryweather
who should be named fairy Heather (he is a little girlie)

I'm sure Christine is sitting there,
with her sister peggy who has a lot of hair.
They eat a lot of fish and sometimes scrap
They put the PG wives club on the Map!!!

Hey you guys, I miss you a lot!

Love Erin