Thursday, July 05, 2007

Over the last three weeks we have been traveling all over. First we went to Utah for Mark's business conference and then on our way home we stopped in San Francisco for the day. The day after we returned from Utah, we left for Hawaii (the big Island) to visit my Grandma and my auntie and uncle. We had such a great time visiting family and sight seeing. This post is full of pictures from our trip to the big island and extended family photos.
This home once sold for under 50,000.oo dollars after my grandfather died. The bugga' wen buy da house an den paint um up and go fo' sale da house fo' two seventy fi!!! Translation: The man who bought the house only painted over the termite infested walls and is now trying to sell the house for 275,000.00! I have so many fond memories of running around this house with my cousins. It was nice to bring my grandma back to look at it. Grandma enjoyed seeing the house and she noted that she loved that house and had many good memories from that home. On our way from Kona to Hilo (one side of the island to the other) George and I hopped out of the car to look at Akaka Falls. These waterfalls are some of my favorite falls on the island.
Here Baby Aley (my cousin's baby) is climbing over our Slug Butt Theodore (not much of a crawler yet). Right before this picture, Aley was kissing Theodore and Theodore's face was a little bit more pleasant.
Here is Rachel's baby, Shae, and Theodore posing for the camera. I think their mouths and noses look a little bit alike.


jase said...

whose white baby is that?....ohshoot thats mine, you can tell we dont live by the beach anymore. Great pictures of the Big Island, I can't believe aboout Grandpa's House, what a bummah.

JayandCassandra said...

I love Teddy's face when he's mad!! Classic!

Marcie said...

We've been to the Big Island and loved Akaka Falls also! Now we just need to visit Maui and Kaui.