Thursday, November 04, 2010

Intern: what I can do for you.

Many of you may have wondered what I'm doing with an intern. I admit, I've often wondered the same thing. In fact, many a Seinfeld moment has passed as Marie and I sit in my small, cramped office, discussing my take on every day life. I've done my best to indoctrinate her into my elevated way of thinking. 
Have I succeeded? 
One can only hope. 

But one thing is for sure. Thanks to me Marie is no longer the same little high school intern. Now she is a high school intern with a rockin' senior picture!

See below:

Um...not that one. I meant look at the ones below:

And of course the next one is my favorite:

NOTICE: If you want to be my intern I'm now accepting applications for the "potty training my kid" job and the "picking boogers off the wall" job. 


Kristine said...

I think Aria's up for the potty training one. Ha ha ha hahaahahaha! I'm still laughing at her interest in Ruby's potty seat WHILE Ruby was on it.

tammy said... did she get the lips I was supposed to have....?

Nick and Emily said...

the last is my fav too.

Unknown said...

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